10 Important Tips for Warehouse Cleaning

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A warehouse is a place of constant movement – of shipments coming in and going out. There a constant buzz of activity with sorting, labelling, packing, storing and transportation. The warehouses of products like packaged meat or dairy products pose even more unique challenges and require professional warehouse cleaning services. Whether you hire a professional warehouse cleaner in Dandenong or do it yourself, it is important to keep the warehouse clean and provide a safe and hygienic environment to the employees. These are the 10 most important tips that you can follow to keep the warehouse clean:

  1. Create a checklist & schedule: Create a daily and weekly checklist and schedule cleaning of specific areas. It is also useful if every area is allocated to a specific individual or a team and they are entrusted with its cleaning and upkeep.
  2. Clean the bins: One of the most common yet overlooked areas is the bins. Always ensure that the bins are cleared after every few hours to avoid overflowing bins.
  3. Provide cleaning supplies: Always provide cleaning supplies to the staff at the warehouse. Not only should the bins be strategically placed, but all employees should also be made aware of where the cleaning equipment and products are kept. It saves valuable time and also encourages the employees to use them to keep the warehouse clean.
  4. Clean as you go: Most warehouses and commercial establishments follow this policy. This means that every person is expected to clean the surface or place where he has worked or used so that the next person finds it clean. Cleaning is not a single person or department’s job but the duty of every employee working at the warehouse.
  5. Restrict access: You should always restrict access or put barriers within the warehouse. These are no-go areas for anyone except the approved list of employees. This goes a long way in keeping the warehouse clean and safe.
  6. Inventory turning: The inventory should be constantly checked and obsolete products or those that are past their safe use date should be discarded. This exercise should be done every month to ensure that there is no pile-up of obsolete products.
  7. Recycling: Every warehouse, irrespective of the size or scale of operations needs to exercise recycling of products as much as possible to encourage sustainability and environment-friendly practices.
  8. Floor and toilet cleaning: Floors and the toilets of the warehouse should be frequently cleaned. You should use approved industrial-grade cleaning agents and disinfectants to keep the floor and toilet clean and free of any germs, bacteria, grime, or grease that can spread diseases or lead to accidents.
  9. Area labelling: All areas should be clearly labelled or marked. This makes for proper use of space and the storage of specified products or shipments in a pre-designated location. Not only does it make the operations fast, but it also keeps the place clean.
  10. Professional warehouse cleaning service: Always hire a professional and experienced warehouse cleaning service for the cleaning of the warehouse. They come with specialised equipment, chemicals and cleaning agents and can thoroughly clean the warehouse.

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