End of Lease Cleaning – The areas you need to focus on

End of Lease Cleaning – The areas you need to focus on

Bond cleaning, often known as end of lease cleaning, is a demanding undertaking. You are engaged in the process both emotionally and physically. Furthermore, it consumes a significant amount of time and energy, leaving you fully exhausted.

You must also ensure that you follow all of the criteria regarding the cleanliness and condition of the property so that the property owner does not refuse your bond money.

The contract you signed before moving in is crucial here; thoroughly review the agreement and make a note of any areas that need particular attention. Always stick to your to-do list.

You should realize the significance of Vacate cleaning and always choose a professional cleaner for this task since it is critical in recovering your bond money; moreover, it is not a routine cleaning job.


Windows, doors and wall

If the windows, doors, and walls are not cleaned correctly, the property owner has the right to withhold your bond deposit. This is because these are places that are plainly visible to the naked eye and make sure that the blinds are clean since they tend to collect a lot of dust. You may get assistance from the Professional Cleaners.



The bathroom is one of the dirtiest rooms in the home and thus has to be carefully cleaned on a regular basis. As a result, it is one of the most important rooms that needs to be cleaned. The tiles in the bathroom, the showers, the sinks, the basins, the taps, the toilet seat, and the exhaust vents should be the primary areas of concentration.

Also, be sure to clean the grout on the tiles in the bathroom, as well as the bathroom floor, which has a lot of stains. Either you may purchase cleaning chemicals or you have the option of hiring a professional to clean the bathroom.


Kitchen Corners

Even if you clean the kitchen on a regular basis, the end of lease cleaning is not all that different from regular cleaning. Because your bond deposit is at risk, you should clean the kitchen thoroughly, including the corners, gaps between the hinges of the cabinets, and sink.

It is in your best interest to engage expert cleaners to do this labor-intensive task. In addition to that, the counter surfaces in your kitchen should be carefully cleaned. The use of a moist cloth alone will not remove stains caused by oil, spices, or food crumbs; you will need the assistance of a professional for this.

The real estate agent will also examine the waste, so you need to make sure that everything is clean.


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