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Ivory Cleaning Services provides Melbourne’s most professional industrial cleaning and warehouse cleaning services Melbourne, including factory &warehouse floor cleaning, office and administration building cleaning, and kitchen, and washroom cleaning.

Some of the work we do in factory cleaning includes:

Factory daily cleaning service/ Regular factory maintenance cleaning service

  • Factory floor machine sweeping
  • Factory floor scrubbing
  • Factory floor general cleaning service
  • Cleaning of kitchen, toilet and office area cleaning

Factory detailed cleaning service/ Periodical factory cleaning service

  • Factory window cleaning service
  • Factory wall washing service
  • Factory high-pressure washing/ factory high-pressure cleaning service
  • Factory floor degrease and floor washing service
  • Periodical carpet steam cleaning for the administration area
  • Hard floor polishing/stripping and reseal

Some of the work we do in warehouse cleaning includes:

Warehouse daily cleaning service/ Warehouse regular maintenance cleaning service

  • Warehouse floors weeping (manual or machine)
  • Warehouse floor scrubbing service
  • Warehouse floor general cleaning service
  • Cleaning of kitchen, toilet and office area cleaning
  • Car park sweeping

Warehouse detailed cleaning service/ Periodical warehouse cleaning service

  • Warehouse window washing service
  • Warehouse wall-washing service
  • Warehouse floor high-pressure washing
  • Warehouse floor scrubbing
  • Periodical carpet steam cleaning for office and administration area
  • Hard floor polishing / strip and reseal

We understand warehouse & industrial cleaning require an extra level of care as there may be heavy machinery or hazardous equipment involved.  It takes a trained and knowledgeable crew to ensure the safety of your workers. That’s why we pay special attention to all possible factors, delivering the safest and most effective industrial &warehouse cleaning Melbourne has to offer, and ensuring our clients get the best value for the money they spend. Our industrial cleaning service Melbourne crew have cleaned underground and at a great height and next to the hot, molten glass.  We consult with our clients thoroughly before beginning our industrial cleaning process.

With many years of experience in the cleaning industry, we have gained enough expertise and knowledge to cater to all the types of industrial cleaning services. No matter how big or small the job may be, we would offer the best solutions for industrial cleaning and warehouse cleaning services Melbourne. Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne is known for providing efficient industrial and Warehouse cleaning in Melbourne at affordable rates. Our industrial cleaning service/ warehouse cleaning service is well known at many places as industrial cleaning Dandenongindustrial cleaning St Kildaindustrial cleaning Ringwoodindustrial cleaning Clayton, Warehouse cleaning service Notting hill.

Industrial Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Ivory Cleaning Services is the leading provider of industrial cleaning in Melbourne. We offer the best cleaning services for industries no matter how big or small it is. Extra care is given as the equipment involved could be hazardous. It is only possible for a trained crew to provide the most effective and safest industrial cleaning services. Ivory Cleaning Services in Melbourne is the best warehouse cleaner in Melbourne.

Before we begin the industrial cleaning process, we will have a consultation with you to understand the precautions we would need to take and what to look out for. Having many years of experience, we have gained expertise in catering to all the needs of the client. Our industrial cleaning services includes:

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning: We will keep your floors as impressive as new,by using steam carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning. This will also keep the space hygienic.
  • Hard Floor maintenance: We will keep your hard floors clean and hygienic to increase its durability. Through hard floor maintenance and floor stripping, we can remove most of the marks on the floor and will ensure that it has a non-slippery surface to avoid any injury.
  • Cleaning industrial machinery and equipment: The cleanliness of the industrial machinery and equipment affect the productivity of the employees. To maintain high productivity and performance, get professionals to keep the machinery clean and safe to use.
  • Cleaning Vessels and Tanks: Clean vessels and tanks will ensure high safety and quality of work in your workspace. It will also reduce any disruption during the daily procedures.
  • Cleaning Ducts and Exhausts: Ducts and exhaust in an industry improves the ventilation and the air quality within. Keeping them clean will remove all the grime, dirt, debris, and toxic particles, in turn keeping the place toxin-free.

Our Industrial Cleaning Melbourne Services

Ivory Cleaning Services is your one-stop solution for industrial cleaning in Melbourne We provide all the industrial cleaning services in the most professional manner and at competitive prices. Some of the daily factory cleaning services we offer include floor machine sweeping, general cleaning service of the floor, floor scrubbing as well as common services like cleaning kitchen, office, and toilet area. Factory detailed cleaning services include wall washing services, floor washing and degrease service, and hard floor polishing. We also include floor strip and reseal Window cleaning and high-pressure washing services.

As a warehouse cleaner in Melbourne, we also provide cleaning services in the warehouse such as Warehouse floor scrubbing, car park sweeping, and warehouse floors weeping, both manual and mechanical which are general warehouse cleaning services, and window washing service, floor scrubbing of the warehouse, and high-pressure washing, which are detailed warehouse cleaning services. Along with these services, we also provide carpet steam cleaning, warehouse wall washing, and cleaning of the administration area.

Car Park Cleaning Service Melbourne

Our dedicated team specializes in Carpark sweeping, ensuring that debris and litter are efficiently removed, leaving your space clean and inviting. We also offer carb park scrubbing services, utilizing advanced equipment and eco-friendly cleaning agents to eliminate stubborn stains and oil residues. For a thorough and revitalizing cleaning, our pressure cleaning services are designed to give your car park a fresh and vibrant appearance. With a commitment to quality and professionalism, we are your go-to solution for all your car park maintenance needs in Melbourne.

Call the Leading Industrial Cleaning Provider in Melbourne

Ivory Cleaning Services as a warehouse cleaner in Melbourne is the perfect solution to help you if you are stressed out about your industry’s cleanliness. We provide a flawless cleaning solution to ensure the safety of your industry and its employees. Contact us on 03 9000 4891 to get a free, no-obligation quote at the earliest!

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