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carpet steam cleaning in Kew

Ivory cleaning services bids the best carpet steam cleaning in Kew. Maintaining the hygiene of the house also includes the cleaning services of the carpets. A lot of people think of cleaning the carpet and making it dry by themselves, but it should always be done by professionals because when you prefer to do it by yourself, there are chances of soap and dirt residue to be left in your carpets. Progressively, your carpets will get full of dust, hair, odors, and bacteria. The carpet steam cleaning is an efficient process and leaves fewer residues. All our carpet cleaners are trained through specialized certified courses and abide to provide the service until the client gets satisfied with all their requirements.

The process by which our cleaners will clean the carpets is:

  1. Inspecting the carpet

This is the initial stage to know the fabric of the carpet and choose the cleaning method accordingly.

  1. Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning helps to get rid of dry particles from the carpet of the surface.

  1. Pretreat stains

Treat the stubborn stains.

  1. Spray conditioning

Spraying on the carpet surface allows the stains to get soft which makes it easy to remove.

  1. Scrubbing carpets using soft brush pad

Rub the surface of the carpet using brush pads so all the dirt, hair, bacteria get removed easily.

  1. Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is used to dry the carpet as soon as possible.

  1. Deodorizing

This is the last step to give the carpet a pleasant smell and make it feel hygiene.

The Perks of Ivory Carpet Steam Cleaning Kew

You just need to feel relax after you book the cleaner from Ivory cleaning services. We are a family-owned business and can go beyond the services to satisfy our clients. There are various advantages of carpet cleaning Kew:

  • We prefer to use the hot water extraction method which is ideal for removing any kind of stubborn stain or dirt.
  • For long-lasting results, we inject the specialized shampoos which will reach each weave of the carpet and will thoroughly clean it.
  • Our team will take care of shifting around your furniture at both ends of the process.
  • You will be ready to walk on the carpet just in three hours. We dry the carpet in lesser time.
  • Our professionals think that carpet steam cleaning Kew is a safer and effective method for cleaning the carpet.

Whether you require vacuum cleaning for carpets, pressure washing Kew, steam cleaning or any other methods for your carpet to shine the most then Ivory carpet cleaning is the best place to call. We use the latest technology which is eco-friendly to satisfy the client’s requirement. Also, our professionals will provide you with sanitization to get rid of the germs in near future. Our high range of carpet cleaning services and traits makes us different from the other cleaning companies.

You can also request a free estimate and we assure to get back to you with the best competitive rates.