Everything you need to know about Professional Cleaning Company Melbourne CBD

Every home is unique and personal while every workplace is a professional setting where we spend most of our time. The gist here is that both of them if kept clean delivers similar benefits i.e. money, time and better health.
But there is order in every chaos! And sometimes it’s just too much to handle the mess built up over time. And this is when you realize that the best option seems to call the professional cleaning company Melbourne CBD as their services come in handy.

professional cleaning services Melbourne CBD
Professional Cleaning Services Melbourne

Professional cleaning services are a boon of modern-day civilization and hiring professional cleaning services Melbourne CBD has its very own unique advantages

• For instance, it becomes difficult to maintain a work-life balance. A very simple example can be parents and young generation both – as parents miss out on their kids growing up, most of the young generation miss out on what life has to offer and all because they are struggling to keep both work and home clean and organized.

  • And the best option to trim your struggle at a major level is hiring the professional cleaners.

• Coming back to cleaning task-After a tedious day at work no one wants to come home to a mess or vice versa no one likes to go office tired and dull after performing the deep cleaning chore at mornings.

  • It pays off to be able to relish a glass of wine or your end of the day in a clean home or start of the day with a cup of Nescafe. Which you can surely be able to enjoy by hiring a professional cleaning services Melbourne CBD to mop, scrub, dust and sweep.

• Lastly, it is time-saving to hire an expert of professional cleaning company Melbourne CBD because a task that takes 20mins for an untrained person it only takes 10 minutes for an experienced professional.

  • How good does it sounds as the time required is effectively cut down by 50%

Disclosure to this blog might just be worth that extra effort if you invest few dollars by hiring the cleaning services Melbourne CBD as they are totally affordable and convenient which leads to a happier, productive, and healthier life overall.

And to make this cleaning chore entirely an effective one tap the professional cleaning company Melbourne CBD at: 0359 024 696

Importance of Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne CBD

Spending a quarter of your time in the office says it all! It’s your home-away-from-home, and thus it’s important to make sure it’s a healthy and comfortable cornerstone, especially when you want your business to soar.
Isn’t that the only reason which deliberates you to keep your office surroundings clean?
It should indeed! And to assist you with all the spick span needs it’s a brilliant idea to utilize your data network and find some cleaning professionals. Well, if you have been redirected to the ivory cleaning service page, you need to pause right away and call the commercial office cleaning service Melbourne CBD and commercial cleaning services Melbourne CBD crew to perform the cleaning job.
As a result, you gain a positive impact on clients and overall it increases productivity, and the good news is they are fully insured!
Surely, everyone reading this blog believes in the first impression so does the writer here, and to help you create those first impressions and aesthetics count, let’s take a quick tour on how important and beneficial it is to keep your offices clean.
• First Impression Counts! Just in case if a client walks in and finds the windows or counters are smudged, the floors are dirty, and there’s an unpleasant smell in the air, they are likely to find your business unprofessional. Don’t fall in the category of such unprofessional impression, but keep them spotless and presentable as a good first impression will keep a client interested.
• Happier employees- They play the chief roles as a part of your business. As your employees are a direct representation of your brand and business and by keeping the work environment clean and maintained they will be productive, efficient and importantly happy.

  • The moral of the story here is: Keeping the workplace is not the sole responsibility of the cleaning staff only, but it’s a collective effort which should be performed by every individual present in the office.
  • Investment Shield!- We all know the efforts and sweat we have put in establishing a business, and undoubtedly it would always be our desire to keep them integrated and protected forever, But on other hands, it’s also true that paying a professional cleaning service to maintain your office is an added expense!
  • Do not be wavered, as the Ivory cleaning service Melbourne team of Commercial cleaning services, Melbourne CBD has the most affordable and convenient price slab to make your office look spotless.

Here’s the conclusion: Rush hours, frequent business meetings and investment deals are things which takes place daily under the hood called commercial business and to keep their growth consistent don’t let poorly maintained office get in the way of your success.
Instead keep your office fixtures, carpets, and reception areas clean by connecting with the Commercial office cleaning services Melbourne CBD, as they are the right people with the right tools for the job.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Professional Cleaning

Small business or big business, everyone can benefit from a clean environment no matter who you are. Work is our second home, whether we like it or not; where we work, and the atmosphere affects us in many ways. Now imagine going to work, where it’s messy and cluttered. You have a million things on your mind and cleaning up your workspace is not one of them.

Hiring a professional cleaning service for your office leaves you with peace of mind. Leave the cleaning to the professionals, keep productivity high of your employees and most importantly ensure that everyone is working in a clean workplace every day.

Keep germs and bacteria at bay

The cleanliness of your workplace effects staff in many ways, and by protecting them from harmful bugs and contamination that can grow can create a happy and positive workplace. People are constantly working at their desks, in the kitchen preparing food or having clients in meetings. It is imperative that this is kept clean and be maintained, but it is often too hard to constantly upkeep large spaces without the aid of professional cleaners.

Generate a positive work environment and boost morale

It’s been proven that there is a direct correlation between happy workers and a clean working environment. A clean space can increase work productivity, boost morale and teamwork. Every business can improve the safety and workplace environment by investing the time and effort into cleaning and workplace safety.

A study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, commissioned by cleaning company Initial Hygiene shows that employees spend 2.2 days a year queueing up for bathrooms. Put in the effort into providing cleaning services to maintain the standard of workplace facilities. By doing so, workers no longer need to avoid unclean environments and be discouraged by their workplaces. Place the care and attention to your workplace and employees, and the returns will be astronomical!

Save Time and Money

At the end of the day, that last thing your staff members want to do is to clean up the office after a long day of work. By contracting an external cleaner, you are ensuring the work is done to a professional standard and every corner of the office is being cleaned. Professional cleaners aim to work with you to cater their services, by using the best equipment and products and ensure security and reliability. Save money on buying countless cleaning products and the time of employees who already have busy schedules!

Improve first impressions for clients

The first thing clients will notice is the ambiance and cleanliness of your office. As the saying goes, ‘When it comes to first impressions there are no second chances’. Send a warm welcome to potential clients and a great impression upon their first step into the office. A clean workplace with great aesthetics and ambiance will signal a high level of professionalism.

Work alongside experienced cleaners who can cater to your needs

Professional cleaners go the extra mile to ensure that when they leave, your workplace is in top notch condition. The quality of service is attention to detail is what differentiates a professional cleaner to an employee, contracted cleaners work alongside their clients to provide the best service and ensure there is peace of mind with every clean.

Equipment and products are used only by professionally trained cleaners, at Ivory Cleaning Services our cleaners have years in the field.

General Cleaning of your office areas can be ensured at your own schedule, and when needed cleaners can offer a thorough steam cleaning of your carpets, window cleaning, buffing, and polishing.

Ivory Cleaning Services is at your service! We ensure your office area is at its best for your employees, clients, and guests.

5 Benefits of Living In A Clean Home

Our homes are our safe havens, the place we concede too when times get tough or you’ve just had a long day.

Imagine coming home after a long day of work, all you want to do is rest on the couch but there is a mess everywhere! Not a pretty sight to come home too. Keeping your home clean is of utmost importance for your lifestyle and can help with mental and physical wellbeing. No longer will you have to come home to an abundance of dirt, rubbish, and dust with these quick tips and important reasons to clean the house!

Prevent the spread of germs

Making sure you and your family are safe in your home is important, but without cleaning your benchtops and appliances thoroughly the spread of germs in imminent. Germs need a vehicle to aid them in their spread, and the presence of rubbish, unclean water, and food scraps helps germs to grow.

Kitchen and bathrooms are subject to this, specifically if rubbish and scraps are left lying around. But this can be easily prevented just by daily maintenance of your living areas, making sure to wipe down your table tops and utensils after use with a squeegee.

Less Stress

We all may love to horde our clothes and collectives but it’s time to start the year right and declutter your life! Doing this can aid you in your day to day activities and help you find the things you need more easily.

A great way to help you sort out your excess clothes or items is by buying storage boxes and categorizing them. Also, go through your items to assess if you REALLY need them, the more you have, the more dust and mess is going to build up!

Safer for yourself and your family

Aside from the harm from germs and bacteria, building up clutter in your space can increase the risk of accidental harm. A study in 2016 showed that children are particularly vulnerable to dust particles at home. Toxic substances are often found in dust particles such as phthalates commonly found in food packaging and vinyl flooring, also flame retardant TDCIPP found in baby products and foam.

Reduce your kids’ exposure to harmful dust and pollutants simply by regularly vacuuming your floors, using quality cleaning products and air purifier, and educating your kids on the importance of hygiene.

Save Money and Time

Cleaning the house can be a chore but being consistent with your house cleaning will prevent the build-up of more physically demanding cleaning. Leaving your house dirty and building up pollutants around your house is going to cost you a lot of time out of your day and money on products to clean with.

It’s important to make cleaning the house a habit, try to make it fun by getting the kids involved or by putting on some fun music in the background.

Reducing allergies

Household dust carries numerous toxins and harmful pollutants which put your family at direct risk of allergies, but also respiratory disease. Dust can come about naturally through plants, soil, and rock or within urban environments. These pollutants are in the air, can build up on surfaces but also seep into carpets leaving them hanging around the house. While dust is present in every home, the key is to try and keep it at a minimal.

Invest in a high-quality vacuum that can easily suck up the dirt and dust around your house and remember to place a reminder on the fridge to vacuum at least once or twice a week!

A clean house enhances your lifestyle and the livability of your home. Ivory Cleaning Services offers domestic cleaning, we are here to talk about your home and how we can help you clean your space!

For any enquiries email info@cleaningservicesmelbourne.com.au

Why to choose Professional Cleaning over Domestic Cleaning

Everyone does basic house chores every day, and the daily maintenance and cleaning of our homes are necessary. Situations such as moving out, end of lease and post-renovation calls for a high caliber of skills. That’s when professional cleaners come in. Domestic cleaners may know only the basics of cleaning, and not have access to tools and materials needed to complete a cleaning job to a professional level. Whilst, professional cleaners are trained to perform your average cleaning tasks on another level.

Standard of cleaning

Expect a very high standard of cleaning when hiring a professional cleaner. Outsourcing a cleaner can relieve any stresses on yourself, whilst achieving exceptional results. Professional cleaners can achieve both regular and deep cleaning, whether you require a service for long-term or short-term basis. It is important to do your research before you hire your cleaner as there are many on the market. Questions you may want a potential company are…

  • How are rates set? Ask for a general quote and provide a detailed explanation of what you want to be cleaned and the type of room or furnishings.
  • Will you be in the house while cleaning? Are employees background checked?
  • What other areas of expertise does the company have? How long has the business been around? It is important to read up on reviews on the company online, a great place to look is Google Reviews and Gumtree( a great place to find local cleaners within our vicinity)  in Australia.

Equipment and chemicals used

Equipment sourced by professional cleaners may not be available on the commercial marketing, and chemicals and products used are often higher quality. Depending on the cleaner you go with, you may choose to discuss this with the company to ensure your area is being cleaned to its potential.

Have a third party who will work in line with your needs

Cleaning companies are professionals in their field, and hence know what realtors and estate agents like to see! If you’re looking to clean your house for presentation, work with your cleaning company can help you impress landlords. Ivory Cleaning Services offers advice for residential and body corporate cleaning services reporting any lighting and plumbing issues as well as incidences of broken equipment.

Efficiency and peace of mind

Cleaning experts do all the work for you to a high standard, you won’t have to worry about cleaning yourself or bending over backward to achieve the same results. It saves you the time and hassle of cleaning, especially if you are wanting to clean areas or materials that don’t have the effective commercial products. Tough to clean areas such as dirty carpets, tight or hard to reach corners and dirty bathrooms can be easily cleaned with professional products and techniques such as steam cleaning.

Make sure to ask if the company is insured, for that extra peace of mind.

Ivory Cleaning Services offers professional cleaning services for residential and commercial settings. For more information or to get a quote email info@cleaningservicesmelbourne.com.au

gym cleaning service

Cleaning Job at a Local Gym in Thomastown

Ivory Cleaning Services is proud to offer a wide range of cleaning services to all of our customers! Most recently, we’ve started a new job down in Thomastown with a local gym.

cleaning a gym

fitness center cleaning

It’s easy to head the gym for a quick workout and go straight home to relax and take a shower. But we tend to forget that gyms are public spaces, and with people using the same equipment throughout the day. The gym easily becomes a premise for infestation and growth of bacteria. Hence, why gyms and exercise studios in particular, need cleaning everyday to ensure that all you gym junkees are protected against any forms of germs and bacteria.

Under gym, clinic and exercise studio cleaning, we offer the following set of services:

  • Cleaning and scrubbing of showers/tile areas along with partitions
  • Sanitising and scrubbing of toilets areas along with partitions
  • Cleaning of all hard floors ‐ regular vacuum and wet or steam mop with an effective anti-bacterial product (depending on your needs and the floor type) or a dry steam cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Restocking of all supplies in the premises (shower gel, shampoo, toilet rolls etc.)
  • Washing of all floor mats (along with the non-slip mats)
  • Washing of mirrors and scrubbing of sinks
  • Removal of odours and stains
  • Disinfection and sanitisation of all equipment, doors, windows and any other places where clients may have contact with
  • Rubbish removal
  • Cleaning of office areas

If you are interested in enquiring about our gym cleaning services, feel free to email us or send an enquiry through the blog.

house cleaning service melbourne

Ivory Cleaning Services is now also in Western Suburbs of Melbourne!

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our services to the Western suburbs of Melbourne! If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, experienced cleaning service- Ivory is here to help. We are now offering our range of regular services to all consumer, business and commercial customers.

Our regular services are ones that we offer on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Depending on your needs, we can cater to what you want and need for your space, and ensure cleanliness in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Here are a list of our regular services:


house cleaning
This is from a cleaning job completed in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

For regular house cleaning, the same cleaner will come to your home each time, either weekly or fortnightly depending on your needs. You can arrange to use your equipment and chemicals or request us to provide them as you wish. Our house services include, but are not limited to:

All bathrooms and toilets
• All kitchen surfaces
• All floors vacuumed & mopped
• All dusting & wiping
• Changing sheets, ironing and washing


Ivory Cleaning Services has years of experience in high rise building cleaning services. May it be once a week or daily, we can guarantee you the best service provided for your body cooperate cleaning requirements.

We are able to offer a wide range of services to you on a schedule that suits your needs.

  • Regular common area Cleaning
  • As requested window wash down
  • As requested carpet cleaning
  • Rubbish room and bin cleaning and disinfection
  • Emergency Cleaning
  • Flood Recovery


factory cleaning
This is an image from a meat factory in Eastern Melbourne, we are helping to maintain their high level of cleanliness!

Ivory Cleaning Services provides Melbourne’s most professional factory and warehouse cleaning services, including offices, cafes, kitchens and Restaurants. Some of the work we do includes:

  • Factory window cleaning
  • Sweeping
  • Scrubbing
  • High Pressure Washing
  • General Floor Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Kitchen, Toilet and Office Areas


kitchen cleaning
An image of one of our cleaning jobs in North Melbourne. A thorough cleaning job of their kitchen and industrial ovens – we don’t leave a speck behind!

Having a cleaning environment for hospitality is integral to a business’ success and longevity. We offer regular cleaning services to restaurants, cafes and kitchen and can provide an experienced cleaner to your needs. We provide a basic set of services listed below, but can also add additional services to your needs such as scrubbing, wall washing and carpet steam cleaning.

Regular cleaning can include (but is not limited to):

  • Dusting and wiping
  • Bin collecting
  • Vacuuming and mopping
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Window and glass doors cleaning


gym cleaning
This is a image from one of our regulars down in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

It’s essential for a gym to maintain a high level of cleanliness, and look immaculate for all it’s users. With our cleaning services, we are able to offer a wide range of services, customise a plan for you and we’ll deliver! We are able to cater our services to be daily, weekly or monthly.

Under gym, clinic and exercise studio cleaning, we offer the following set of services:

  • Cleaning and scrubbing of showers/tile areas along with partitions
  • Sanitising and scrubbing of toilets areas along with partitions
  • Cleaning of all hard floors ‐ regular vacuum and wet or steam mop with an effective anti-bacterial product (depending on your needs and the floor type) or a dry steam cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Restocking of all supplies in the premises (shower gel, shampoo, toilet rolls etc.)
  • Washing of all floor mats (along with the non-slip mats)
  • Washing of mirrors and scrubbing of sinks
  • Removal of odours and stains
  • Disinfection and sanitisation of all equipment, doors, windows and any other places where clients may have contact with
  • Rubbish removal
  • Cleaning of office areas

Our cleaning services can be fully customised to your needs. We will work with you to find out what services are best for your business or home.

If you are interested in more of what we have to offer, visit our website cleaningservicesmelbourne.com.au