Useful Tips for End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

The end of lease cleaning is usually considered stressful by most people. If you too are nearing the end of the lease on your property and want to ensure that you get your bond back from the property owner, these tips will help you with the same. To ensure that the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne is done properly and meets the rigorous standards and checklist of the real estate agent, you should hire a professional cleaning service in Melbourne. Here are some useful tips for end of lease cleaning:

  1. Inspect before you rent: An important but often neglected aspect of taking a property on lease is through inspection of the same before signing the papers. Look out for any visible stains, damage to the walls, carpets, windows, and ceilings. You should take photos of all of these and share them with the real estate agent and the landlord before taking the property. These can then be compared with the property at end of lease cleaning, to ensure that you are not held responsible for any damage that was already existing at the time of renting the property.
  2. Checklist for end of lease cleaning: You should ask for the checklist from the real estate agent. This will help you understand exactly what is expected for end of lease cleaning. You can share this with the professional cleaning service to ensure that the property is cleaned according to the requirement.
  3. Kitchen cleaning: The kitchen is the first place that the landlord looks at, to check the quality of the end of lease cleaning. You need to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned by the cleaning service. Get all the cupboards, oven, and microwave cleaned. There should be no cobwebs, grime, or layer of grease, and all the surfaces and handles need to be cleaned and wiped. Special attention should be given to the area beneath the sink and all trash should be packed and disposed of.
  4. Bathroom cleaning: The bathroom is another place that needs to be thoroughly cleaned. You should ensure that the cabinets, shower, bathtub, washbasins, mirrors, handles, and electric switches are cleaned. The entire bathroom should be disinfected, vacuumed, and mopped.
  5. Carpet cleaning: All the carpets and rugs in the house need to be steam cleaned. They need to be vacuumed and brushed with hard wire to remove hair and foreign substances to get rid of pet hair and pet odour.
  6. Fixtures and fittings: They need to be taken off, cleaned, vacuumed, and thoroughly wiped to remove any accumulated dirt and stains. It is easier for a professional cleaning service to clean them using industrial-grade chemicals and high-tech equipment they bring with them.
  7. Exterior cleaning: You should include garden-shed, garage, and courtyard in this cleaning. All dirt, leaves, trash, and stains should be removed, and the lawn mowed.

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