Professional House & Industrial Cleaning in Melbourne

Over the years Ivory Cleaning Services has built a reputation in providing the best house cleaning services in Melbourne. Our services are designed to provide the best cleaning and care that you could desire for your home.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Protection for your family – Your home is the first line of defence for your family’s protection and health. But sometimes their health could be at risk because of the pollution that you many encounter within your house.  A professional house cleaner knows what kind of pollutants can reside in a household. Most of the times we tend to ignore certain spaces of our house where dust, dirt, moulds and bacteria can accumulate without any visible signs. An experienced professional house cleaner knows where exactly this unseen dirt accumulates and how to clean it. Since most of the time these spaces are ignored, the dirt that gathers in these areas are tough to clean and that is where getting professional help comes in handy.

Deep Clean for Bathrooms and Kitchen – Certain spaces in your home needs regular and thorough cleaning. Bathrooms and Kitchens top that list given the fact that they tend to be the areas in your home that is exposed to most amount of filth on a daily basis. Many think that a simple wiping and mopping routine with your basic household cleaners will take care of the hygiene in your bathrooms and kitchens, but this is far from the truth. A professional house cleaning service with its range of cleaning products and equipments will ensure that your bathrooms and kitchens get the right treatment. The professional cleaners at Ivory Cleaning Services not just leave your kitchens and bathrooms tidy, but we go a step beyond and give you that deep clean it requires

Reduce Stress and Save Time – Cleaning you home is no simple feat, especially when you want to get it done properly. A professional cleaning service like Ivory Cleaning Services can provide you with a team of experts who will clean your home in the stipulated period of time as per your choice and leave you with time at your disposal that you can devote to other matters.

Professional Industrial Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Ivory Cleaning Services in Melbourne has been known to provide the best and the most professional industrial cleaning services. Here are a few benefits of hiring our services:

Hygienic  Work Environment – A clean and healthy workspace is a productive workspace. Professional office space or an industrial area like a warehouse can become dirty and contaminated. This usually happens because of filth that is dragged in from the outside. In fact poor cleanliness practices often contribute to poor hygiene in a work place. To tackle this you need the help of a professional industrial cleaning service to ensure that your work space is clean and decontaminated.

Customised Cleaning – No two work places are the same. Every work space has a different dynamic, setup and structure. Most cleaning services do not recognise this and end up providing you with a cleaning routine that does not suit your requirements. At Ivory Cleaning Services we take into consideration the needs of your workspace and design a cleaning routine that offers you the best solution.

Proper Tools and Experience – Every work space, whether it is an office or an industrial area, needs a different style of care. A professional cleaning service like Ivory Cleaning Services has the equipment and tools to provide quality cleaning. Our team of cleaners have the experience of working in different office and industrial areas, and are very well aware of how to treat the expensive machines, gadgets and other office accessories.

Professional Contract – Before we commence our cleaning operations we ensure that a proper contract is drawn up. We make sure that you are made aware of all the costs that you will have to bear when you sign up with us. This not just allows us to do our job but it also helps you deal with your expenses.

So if you are looking for house or industrial cleaning professionals in Melbourne then get in touch with us at  You can also contact us at 0359 024 696 or visit our website at

Home Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Benefits of Hiring a Home Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne

It’s tough to keep a home clean. Dust, dirt, weather, kids, pets, you name it; the reasons for your space gathering filth can often be endless. What’s worse is the amount of time it takes for you to clean it all up. Among most of the items that you posses, the one that gets most messy is your carpet, and cleaning a carpet, is easier said than done.

Even before you can assure yourself that you will be able to give your carpet the scrub that it requires, you have to first get the right cleaning products, understand the nature of the cleanse that is requires and above all, you need to dedicate a lot of time.

But worry not, because now, all this can be done with a simple phone call to – Ivory Cleaning Services. We are your one stop shop for all and any home carpet cleaning services in Melbourne.

At Ivory Cleaning Services, we provide you with professional carpet cleaning solutions at rates that fit your budget perfectly. We are only among a few services that can provide you with a top of the line carpet steam cleaning technology in Melbourne. Our team of professionals adopts the latest techniques in carpet cleaning which is not just safe for your family, but is also eco friendly. The methods we use also ensure that your carpet is made clean in the shortest possible time.

The carpet cleaning process that we use is perfect for removing stains, dirt, dust, bacteria & odour. We also offer solutions to disinfect your carpet of any organic pollutant that persists on it. The treatment that we offer for your carpets, not just gives it a fresh new look, but it also decontaminates it. These cleaning processes also give your family that extra protection against any form of illness.

But before you hire a cleaning service it is very important that you consider a few key factors. Whether it is for a simple one time clean up or if it is for a larger operation, you should always exercise caution when it comes to who you are dealing with. Hiring someone who is not a professional, often results in you not getting the service that you desire. So, please take some time, and go through the following suggestions we have for you.

Few Steps Involved In The Process Of Hiring A Home Cleaning Service

Get The Right Referrals

It is always a good idea to talk to your friends and neighbours to know about the cleaning services available near you. Most companies have fancy websites with dazzling pictures, but nothing beats a firsthand account of services that have been experienced by people you know and trust.

Insurance & Compensation

Remember, when you are hiring a cleaning crew, you are inviting a group of people whom you don’t know a lot about. So, it is always advisable that you get a good idea about the insurance and compensation that service offers, in case there is any damage done to your property.

History & Experience

Never shy away from asking the service that you hire about their track record. Are they accredited with any known association? How long have they been in the business? Who are their noted clients? These are some of the questions that you can ask to get a better sense of what you can expect from the cleaning crew.

For example, Ivory Cleaning Services has been in the cleaning business since 2013. We have clients in various sectors like domestic, commercial, government, educational, Industrial, healthcare, construction and retail. And our services are available across all Melbourne suburbs.

What Services & Prices are available?

You should always be aware of what you are being offered. Go a step further. Look at what products are being used? Is the company charging you extra for certain services? Do they have a visitation, rescheduling or cancellation fee? How much time do they take to get the job done? All of this matters more than you can imagine. So be clear, and probe as much as you can, in order to avoid any unforeseen expenses that may hit your budget.

Again for example, Ivory Cleaning Services uses only eco friendly products. Our price range begins from $60. We use the latest technology to get the job done in the shortest possible period of time. If you visit our website-, you will get a detailed explanation of every carpet cleaning method we use.

Now that you know Ivory Cleaning Services is the right and the ideal place for your carpet cleaning solutions, what are you waiting for?

We are available to help you 24 hours, seven days a week. Call us on 0411 094 727 or reach out to us at

carpet steam cleaning in Kew

Kew’s Premium Carpet Cleaning Service for Residential and Commercial place

Ivory cleaning services bids the best carpet steam cleaning in Kew. Maintaining the hygiene of the house also includes the cleaning services of the carpets. A lot of people think of cleaning the carpet and making it dry by themselves, but it should always be done by professionals because when you prefer to do it by yourself, there are chances of soap and dirt residue to be left in your carpets. Progressively, your carpets will get full of dust, hair, odors, and bacteria. The carpet steam cleaning is an efficient process and leaves fewer residues. All our carpet cleaners are trained through specialized certified courses and abide to provide the service until the client gets satisfied with all their requirements.

The process by which our cleaners will clean the carpets is:

  1. Inspecting the carpet

This is the initial stage to know the fabric of the carpet and choose the cleaning method accordingly.

  1. Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum cleaning helps to get rid of dry particles from the carpet of the surface.

  1. Pretreat stains

Treat the stubborn stains.

  1. Spray conditioning

Spraying on the carpet surface allows the stains to get soft which makes it easy to remove.

  1. Scrubbing carpets using soft brush pad

Rub the surface of the carpet using brush pads so all the dirt, hair, bacteria get removed easily.

  1. Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is used to dry the carpet as soon as possible.

  1. Deodorizing

This is the last step to give the carpet a pleasant smell and make it feel hygiene.

The Perks of Ivory Carpet Steam Cleaning Kew

You just need to feel relax after you book the cleaner from Ivory cleaning services. We are a family-owned business and can go beyond the services to satisfy our clients. There are various advantages of carpet cleaning Kew:

  • We prefer to use the hot water extraction method which is ideal for removing any kind of stubborn stain or dirt.
  • For long-lasting results, we inject the specialized shampoos which will reach each weave of the carpet and will thoroughly clean it.
  • Our team will take care of shifting around your furniture at both ends of the process.
  • You will be ready to walk on the carpet just in three hours. We dry the carpet in lesser time.
  • Our professionals think that carpet steam cleaning Kew is a safer and effective method for cleaning the carpet.

Whether you require vacuum cleaning for carpets, pressure washing Kew, steam cleaning or any other methods for your carpet to shine the most then Ivory carpet cleaning is the best place to call. We use the latest technology which is eco-friendly to satisfy the client’s requirement. Also, our professionals will provide you with sanitization to get rid of the germs in near future. Our high range of carpet cleaning services and traits makes us different from the other cleaning companies.

You can also request a free estimate and we assure to get back to you with the best competitive rates.

End of Lease Cleaning Service Helps Take the Stress Out Of Moving

When it comes to the house and residential building, the ultimate aim of its owners is to make their house or residence to look neat and unique, while comparing with other buildings. Cleaning tasks could be a tedious one to perform, which can be easily tackled with the help of Ivory Cleaning Services.

People usually look for fast and professional cleaning services in Melbourne who can deliver high-quality cleaning in their proximity. Ivory Cleaning Services provides various cleaning services, which include vacate cleaning in Melbourne and its Suburb areas, including Ringwood, Clayton, and St Kilda.

We Offer the Best Cleaning Solution for your Home

The ultimate solution for cleaning your residential building is always associated with the professional end of lease cleaning St Kilda, and you can easily afford our cleaning service at a reasonable price. Ivory Cleaning Services tend to utilize the best quality products for a 100% cleanliness guarantee.

The integrity and quality assistance, are the two main aspects of end of lease cleaning service that has recently grabbed the attention of our many customers around the globe.

The Price and the Quality of Our Services

The principle aim of professional cleaning services in Melbourne is customer satisfaction, and we keep achieving it every time we hired. We never compromise our service quality and customer satisfaction at any cost.

In general, hiring vacate cleaning service could be a tough task for many because of its high price. However, the professionals of end of lease cleaning Clayton have addressed this problem by delivering excellent cleaning services to their customers at an affordable rate.

We offer a wide range of cleaning services in a variety of packages that suit everyone’s budget. Our fixed price for cleaning will make you easily afford to hire us. Also, we allow our clients to make special requisites for cleaning. Ivory Cleaning Services never ignores the client’s requirements because our foremost priority is our customer satisfaction.

What Do we offer Under Cleaning Services?

Our highly skilled and well-trained cleaning professionals are capable of carrying all types of cleaning work. Here are the lists of a few primary services offered by us.

  • Office Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • After Builders Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Bond Back Cleaning
  • Factory And Warehouse Cleaning
  • Restaurant and Cafe Cleaning
  • Showroom Cleaning

Why Choose End of Lease Cleaning?

You can easily find the professionals of the cleaning service at your local area with years of experience by referring yellow pages or by simple researches on the Internet. The End of lease cleaning Ringwood has satisfied thousands of clients in the near areas of St Kilda and Clayton.

In spite of our cleaning services highly affordable, you can get many offers and discounts on hiring our cleaning service. You can take up any of our cleaning services at any time. We are capable of handling all kinds of hard challenges in terms of cleaning.

Specialty of Our Cleaning Services

You can also seek information about our best Cleaning Service from our official website and learn about our working pattern in detail. All our cleaning services would endeavor to give extraordinary value to our clients.

Our cleaning experts offer tips and suggestions for regular maintenance. We prefer better cleaning products and the latest cleaning equipment to give the utmost clean and hygienic ambiance to our clients.


Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne – Why You Have To Choose?

Carpet has become one of the inevitable in all homes, because of the elegance look offered to the room by the carpet people tend to have carpets at their homes. Carpets will be at their best if it cleaned and maintained properly. Ivory Cleaning Services is one of the best commercial carpet cleaning Ringwood offers professional carpet cleaning service in and around the suburbs of Australia with the aid of the latest cleaning equipment.

Dirt and soil are easily absorbed by the carpet fibers and a normal vacuum cleaner cannot take out this absorbed soil completely. Vacuuming can clean the surface dirt but the soil that is in the deeper part of the carpet fibers remains and it causes damage to your carpet.

Why Us?

Carpet cleaning is not an easy as many thinks and professional approaches on cleaning would be the wise to maintain your carpet’s durability. Our Ivory cleaning services Dandenong experts will conduct a deep analysis of your carpet and initiate the cleaning process that suites better for your carpet condition. For cleaning your carpets, we the Ivory cleaning services are one of the best in the market offer the best cleaning service at affordable rates.

Our Process of Carpet Cleaning:

With Ivory Cleaning, you will able to make out the difference of a vacuum cleaned carpet and a professionally cleaned carpet.

  1. Inquiry

Our trained men first visit the place and enquire about certain details like children and animals present in that place which is to ensure safety. The cleaning process of carpet requires vacuum hoses, electric cables, and water so we first ask our customers to be careful of all these things.

  1. Inspection process

We check your carpets for soiling, carpet composition, pre-existing damage, traffic wear, and understand the best way to clean the carpets. Every carpet is different and the cleaning process depends on the place where the carpet laid.

  1. Vacuuming

Our cleaning process is clinical and we use ultra-powerful vacuum cleaners, which are capable of removing the finest soils that may be stuck to the carpet fibers. These vacuum cleaners have cyclone head brushes that remove any hair that may be stuck to the carpet.

  1. Stain removal

We prefer environment-friendly biodegradable detergent sprays for cleaning the carpets and then use a rotary scrubber to agitate detergents in the fibers. This helps in the breakdown of the heavy soil and also the stains and the spots that lay on the carpet.

  1. Moisture Extraction

We one of the best carpet cleaners in Melbourne uses a double-headed vacuum for extracting moisture from carpets. Double-headed Vacuum has good suction and airflow that helps in quick drying. We assure you that no moisture left behind in the carpets.

  1. Grooming

Our professional cleaners use a grooming brush, which used to comb the carpet fibers. This also helps in the further drying of any moisture present.

  1. Future care

Our experts of IVORY cleaners will suggest various tips which needed to maintain the carpets regularly and so we make this process easy for you. Once, the cleaning process is completely done, we add protectants to the carpets that will prevent staining, and soiling largely. It will increase the life span of your carpets and make carpet cleaning an easier process.

  1. Deodorizing

This is the final touch we, the best commercial carpet cleaning St Kilda apply deodorizers to your carpets which gives a good smell so that your floors not just look clean but also smell good and nice.

To know more about us and to book us, feel free to dial our customer care number 0411 094 727.

Neat & Clean Look with Professional Industrial Cleaning Melbourne

If you own an industrial business, then you have to be aware of the fact of having neat and clean premise would be great for you to bring peace in the industry. Cleanliness in the premises will make you and your workforce to feel more positive and it will result in more productivity in the end. So if you want to have neat and clean premises, then choosing professional and efficient Industrial Cleaning Melbourne would be a great decision for you.  When you hire qualified and skilled experts for your cleaning requirements, you will have the assurance of having neatly clean and secure environment for you and your workers along with the visitors.

Why You should Rely On Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne For Efficient Cleaning Services ?

It is the known fact that several systems like heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems build up a layer of debris consisting of dust and other materials inside the ducts. And it is very harmful to the workers who are working in that industrial premises so it is very important to have thorough cleaning. So if you are looking to have the Professional Cleaning Services Melbourne CBD, then choosing Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne would be great for you as we are renowned service provider for residential and commercial cleaning throughout Melbourne. We have fully trained, experienced and proficient staff who ensure to have perfect cleaning as per your requirements.

At Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne, we have a team of qualified and experienced cleaners who provide you the most efficient and reliable cleaning services in accordance with your variegated demands. We have been offering our cleaning services for all types industrial buildings whether it will be a mill, factory, refinery, warehouse or workshops. When you choose us for your cleaning requirements, you will have the facility to have the customized cleaning service as per the cleaning budget that you have decided. Our professionals utilize the latest equipment and materials and provide you the satisfactory results with neat and clean premises. We can ensure you that after the completion of the cleaning work you will be amazed by having a cleaner premises than ever before.

Get 100% Satisfying And Cost-Effective Industrial Cleaning Services Melbourne

If you choose us for hassle-free and cost-effective Cleaning Services St Kilda, then we can ensure you to have the perfect cleaning for all the areas of your industrial building. We have expertise and thorough knowledge for providing superior quality cleaning services that include

  • Efficient Window Cleaning
  • Internal and External Wall Cleaning
  • Qualitative Floor Cleaning
  • Thorough Machinery Clean up
  • Car Park Degreasing and clean up
  • Waste and garbage removal
  • Cleaning of kitchen, toilets and office areas
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

At Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne, our trained and expert cleaners know that an industrial premises require extra care because there will heavy machinery and hazardous equipment. So our crew of professionals give the fully guarantee for the safety of the workers and deliver the secure and most efficient industrial cleaning with 100% customer satisfaction. Along with this, we have been providing daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services at the most affordable and industry leading prices.

So if you require to have the most efficient, cost-effective and budget-friendly Industrial Cleaning Melbourne, then feel free to contact us on 0411 094 727 or 0359 024 696.

What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Domestic Carpet Cleaning?

The difference between commercial and residential carpet cleaning can be confusing at the best of times. What’s the difference between office carpet and the carpet you have at home? Shouldn’t they be the same because they are both just carpet? There are small differences between how the carpet is constructed, what sort of wear and tear the carpet goes through, and how the carpet needs to be maintained. All of this means that how commercial carpet is cleaned is different to how residential carpet is cleaned.

Difference In The Carpet Itself

Commercial Carpet Residential Carpet
Harder texture Softer texture
Darker colour Lighter colour
Less cushion More cushion
Weaker noise reduction Stronger noise reduction
Lower susceptibility to wear and tear Higher susceptibility to wear and tear

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Because of the nature of office carpet, the maintenance of the carpet will be significantly more involved than your house carpet. Even though office carpet is more durable and stain resistant, the increase in foot traffic and use means that office carpet will need to be cleaned more often. While residential carpets only need to be vacuumed once a week, office carpets are expected to be vacuumed once a day, or even between shifts if the carpet experiences very high loads.

For a professional cleaning, residential carpet only requires one every year, provided there are no unexpected stains. However, for office carpet, you can expect to need a cleaning once every 6 months, or even once every quarter if the use is especially high.

What Does A Professional Cleaning Company Do For A Carpet That I Can’t Do?

While a vacuum may be able to clear the carpet of surface particles, you will need professional carpet services to clear the carpet of deeper sitting oil, and dirt residue. This is usually done through carpet steam cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

This process involves spraying high pressure hot water into the carpet, and then letting the water bind with the dirt and grime particles. The water is then sucked out taking the dirt with it. This cleaning method leaves the carpet wet for between 12 and 24 hours. To remove oily stains, the carpet is pre-treated with cleaning solvents which breaks down these oily particles which can be dissolved in the steam cleaning process.

Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne CBD

If you are looking for commercial cleaning services in Melbourne CBD and surrounds, call 0411 094 727. Ivory cleaning services has many years of experience working in a commercial setting, cleaning offices, showrooms, car dealerships and buildings. Our technicians are fully trained and insured and use the latest cleaning equipment and industry-tested products.

Avoid Hassle and Money Loss with End of Lease Cleaning In Melbourne

As the saying goes – ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’, clean surroundings are vital to a healthy life. Our homes and workplaces are where we spent the maximum time of our lives. The spaces consist of a lot of commodities in the form of furniture, equipment, clothing and other paraphernalia that pile up. A large percentage of these items are often stationary and tend to attract dust particles. Dust accumulates in all of our living spaces. Even if one dusts and cleans regularly, still there is a possibility of more dust entering through open windows, doors and other crevices. A complete elimination of dust particles is not possible but one can definitely minimize the building up of it.

Besides undying the place, and leaving dirty streaks and trails everywhere, dust poses a huge threat to one’s health. They can result in serious respiratory ailments such as allergies, asthma, bronchitis and more. When it comes to health risks, dust is not the only villain. As we all know, the atmosphere is laden with fungal spores which when finds a congenial breeding ground that provides adequate levels of heat and moisture, develop into fungal growth. These when inhaled can lead to severe health issues apart from the damage they can do to fabrics and paper.

At Ivory Cleaning Services, we offer a plethora of cleaning services for homes, offices and commercial spaces, across Melbourne. Deep cleaning services for your home include dusting and cleaning of furnishings, walls, windows, blinds and shutters, kitchen hob, cook-tops and carpet steam cleaning.  Besides dusting, vacuuming and cleaning, we also deodorize your space, eliminating any sordid smells. Polishing of wooden articles including furniture, and cleaning and waxing of mirrors and glass surfaces are includes in the package alongside intense cleaning of electronic appliances. We undertake thorough cleaning work for your homes during end of lease, before and after move-in and move-out, and so on.  We cater to small, medium and big scale commercial and office spaces and take up floor, wall and furnishing cleaning jobs. Lifts, common areas and bathrooms are a part of the deal and we perform a superficial cleaning of office equipment such as computer, monitor screens, projectors, vending machines and more. Bathroom cleaning includes de-scaling and polishing steel sanitary-ware too.

Led by a guild of experienced professionals, we at Ivory Cleaning Services ensure that customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We ensure safe and hassle-free cleaning activities using only the best quality products and state-of-the-art equipment. Our clinically tested and approved cleaning products pose zero health hazards. Our customer support is available around the clock, catering to all your requests. Excellent quality at affordable rates has been the motto of Ivory Cleaning Services since its inception.

We have provisions to offer daily, weekly and monthly routine clean-up packages at attractive rates. We are also open to customizing plans as per the needs of the customer.

Whenever you require cost-effective services for end of lease cleaning, office cleaning, or carpet cleaning in Melbourne, just ring us on 0411 094 727 or 0359 024 696.


Professional Carpet Cleaning In Melbourne are the Reason for a Stress-Free Life!

Chilled winters in Melbourne make a carpet flooring necessary in houses to keep the environment warm and cozy. Carpet cleaning in Melbourne is not easy with children in the house. Spilling and spoiling of carpets are very common with kids and toddlers playing around. Then the common question is, what do we generally do for cleaning carpets? Vacuum! But, is vacuuming enough for getting rid of all the dust and germs trapped in a carpet?

No, Absolutely Not!

Moreover, family and friends’ get-togethers on weekends leave very little time for deep cleaning of the house. Carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne can be a difficult task with very little or no sunlight reaching inside of the house in many locations, leaving the carpet moist for weeks. Moreover, window and toilet cleaning can be a tedious job with the time and detail required. Professionals cleaners use their expert techniques to make the area spotlessly clean giving us a little time to spend with our loved ones or just to sit and relax and gear up for an upcoming week.

Working in a happy and stress-free environment is everyone’s dream. Employers these days are actively looking for solutions for making their workplace stress free and happy to keep their employees motivated and productive. An organized and clean surrounding is closely linked to lower stress levels when compared to the chaotic and fussy environment. Also, government/council regulations have set a standard of cleanliness mandatory to maintain in each establishment. Considering all these factors together, the demand for cleaning service providers is constantly increasing from corporate, industrial and commercial spaces as well as from the domestic sector.

Get Stress-Free Carpet Cleaning

Government offices, gym, and fitness floors, educational and healthcare clinics and offices, retail industries and construction sites are demanding professional cleaning services to ensure healthy, hygienic and clean surroundings. Advanced technology in terms of the equipment used, chemicals and techniques used in cleaning are making cleaning industry highly competitive. Melbourne has several cleaning service providers across the city. Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne is one of the finest cleaning service providers in the city with a team of experienced professionals.

Established in 2013, Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne offers residential as well as commercial cleaning services around Melbourne. Carpet steam cleaning, bond back cleaning, café/restaurant cleaning, window cleaning, after builders cleaning, showroom, and office cleaning, you name it and Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne has got it covered for you. From West suburbs of Melbourne to North to South to East, be it a carpet cleaning in Dandenong or carpet steam clean in Camberwell, Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne is just a call away. Service available round the clock, and seven days a week gives Ivory Cleaners an upper hand over its competitors in Melbourne. Moreover, the best part is, we offer high standards of services in almost every suburb of the city without burning a hole in your pocket. So, if you are thinking of hiring cleaners, Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne should top your list without any second thought!

Do you require Carpet Steam Cleaning in Melbourne? Speak to our friendly staff on 0359 024 696 or 0411 094 727 today!

Places That Need Services for Commercial Cleaning In Melbourne

Even though there are several companies in the market that provide commercial cleaning services, many people are still of the opinion that hiring professionals for cleaning the commercial spaces is just a new fad. But as well-established cleaners in Melbourne, we can confirm the fact that commercial cleaning services are here to stay.

Well, you may be wondering that as we have already covered the importance of both keeping the commercial premises clean and outsourcing the commercial cleaning needs, what’s new in this blog post.

But, wait before you jump to conclusions or close your browser window, as we have made an effort to list down all the commercial places that should approach cleaning companies of good repute for commercial cleaning in Melbourne. While the significance of cleaning services in maintaining tidiness in the offices is continually discussed, the role of cleaning companies for ensuring hygiene in critical places is not given due attention.

Which are those Places?

The owners of some commercial places have to deal with the cleanliness issues in a more responsible and timely manner than others due to the nature of activities conducted, and the types of occupants and visitors in their premises. They should get their property cleaned by skilled and trusted cleaners regularly to prevent the spread of germs which cause diseases.

In many commercial buildings, some cleaning tasks are performed on a periodic basis to make the place look clean and smell fresh, for example, carpet steam cleaning, but the ideal way is to avail comprehensive cleaning services.

Let’s have a look at some spaces which need to hire services for commercial cleaning in Melbourne.

  • Healthcare Facilities

Patients suffering from infectious diseases and other health problems visit general health clinics, dental clinics, skin care clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Therefore, both staff and patients in such buildings are constantly exposed to infectious diseases. Routine cleaning, as well as detailed cleaning once in a while, are a must for healthcare facilities.

  • Child Care Centres

Children are highly susceptible to germs, and so, child care centres should stay extra cautious towards the cleanliness in their premises. Toys and other items which are used by the children should be wiped with a clean cloth, and toilets and bathrooms must be disinfected regularly. They can approach cleaners who specialize in fulfilling the cleaning needs of child care centres in Melbourne.

  • Educational Facilities

Just like child care centres, educational facilities should also be kept spick and span, as the risk of catching germs surrounds students, teachers, and professors all the time. Along with hiring services for carpet cleaning in Dandenong and nearby suburbs during the summer holidays, the administration departments of educational facilities should also get the classrooms, canteens, and furniture cleaned thoroughly.

  • Hotels & Food Joints

Hotels and restaurants should observe high standards of hygiene to avoid the chances of food contamination and subsequent health issues. If beds, cupboards, towels, TV remote controls, and sofas in hotel rooms, and utensils, tables, and chairs in restaurants are not cleaned properly, the staff and customers might get affected by the bacteria and toxic pollutants.

Well, we will cover the remaining commercial spaces in the next blog post. In the end, we will just like to say that commercial cleaning is different from residential cleaning, as most of the times, dust, dirt, and germs can be hidden at the spots you can never imagine. You might have prepared a schedule for cleaning the indoor and outdoor areas of your commercial property, but this is not enough. You should have access to the right tools and cleaning products to achieve the desired results.

We provide a wide range of cleaning services, including commercial cleaning and carpet steam cleaning in Melbourneat competitive prices. We have cleaning products and equipment suitable for all kinds and sizes of cleaning jobs.