5 Benefits of Living In A Clean Home

Our homes are our safe havens, the place we concede too when times get tough or you’ve just had a long day.

Imagine coming home after a long day of work, all you want to do is rest on the couch but there is a mess everywhere! Not a pretty sight to come home too. Keeping your home clean is of utmost importance for your lifestyle and can help with mental and physical wellbeing. No longer will you have to come home to an abundance of dirt, rubbish, and dust with these quick tips and important reasons to clean the house!

Prevent the spread of germs

Making sure you and your family are safe in your home is important, but without cleaning your benchtops and appliances thoroughly the spread of germs in imminent. Germs need a vehicle to aid them in their spread, and the presence of rubbish, unclean water, and food scraps helps germs to grow.

Kitchen and bathrooms are subject to this, specifically if rubbish and scraps are left lying around. But this can be easily prevented just by daily maintenance of your living areas, making sure to wipe down your table tops and utensils after use with a squeegee.

Less Stress

We all may love to horde our clothes and collectives but it’s time to start the year right and declutter your life! Doing this can aid you in your day to day activities and help you find the things you need more easily.

A great way to help you sort out your excess clothes or items is by buying storage boxes and categorizing them. Also, go through your items to assess if you REALLY need them, the more you have, the more dust and mess is going to build up!

Safer for yourself and your family

Aside from the harm from germs and bacteria, building up clutter in your space can increase the risk of accidental harm. A study in 2016 showed that children are particularly vulnerable to dust particles at home. Toxic substances are often found in dust particles such as phthalates commonly found in food packaging and vinyl flooring, also flame retardant TDCIPP found in baby products and foam.

Reduce your kids’ exposure to harmful dust and pollutants simply by regularly vacuuming your floors, using quality cleaning products and air purifier, and educating your kids on the importance of hygiene.

Save Money and Time

Cleaning the house can be a chore but being consistent with your house cleaning will prevent the build-up of more physically demanding cleaning. Leaving your house dirty and building up pollutants around your house is going to cost you a lot of time out of your day and money on products to clean with.

It’s important to make cleaning the house a habit, try to make it fun by getting the kids involved or by putting on some fun music in the background.

Reducing allergies

Household dust carries numerous toxins and harmful pollutants which put your family at direct risk of allergies, but also respiratory disease. Dust can come about naturally through plants, soil, and rock or within urban environments. These pollutants are in the air, can build up on surfaces but also seep into carpets leaving them hanging around the house. While dust is present in every home, the key is to try and keep it at a minimal.

Invest in a high-quality vacuum that can easily suck up the dirt and dust around your house and remember to place a reminder on the fridge to vacuum at least once or twice a week!

A clean house enhances your lifestyle and the livability of your home. Ivory Cleaning Services offers domestic cleaning, we are here to talk about your home and how we can help you clean your space!

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