Avoid Hassle and Money Loss with End of Lease Cleaning In Melbourne

As the saying goes – ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’, clean surroundings are vital to a healthy life. Our homes and workplaces are where we spent the maximum time of our lives. The spaces consist of a lot of commodities in the form of furniture, equipment, clothing and other paraphernalia that pile up. A large percentage of these items are often stationary and tend to attract dust particles. Dust accumulates in all of our living spaces. Even if one dusts and cleans regularly, still there is a possibility of more dust entering through open windows, doors and other crevices. A complete elimination of dust particles is not possible but one can definitely minimize the building up of it.

Besides undying the place, and leaving dirty streaks and trails everywhere, dust poses a huge threat to one’s health. They can result in serious respiratory ailments such as allergies, asthma, bronchitis and more. When it comes to health risks, dust is not the only villain. As we all know, the atmosphere is laden with fungal spores which when finds a congenial breeding ground that provides adequate levels of heat and moisture, develop into fungal growth. These when inhaled can lead to severe health issues apart from the damage they can do to fabrics and paper.

At Ivory Cleaning Services, we offer a plethora of cleaning services for homes, offices and commercial spaces, across Melbourne. Deep cleaning services for your home include dusting and cleaning of furnishings, walls, windows, blinds and shutters, kitchen hob, cook-tops and carpet steam cleaning.  Besides dusting, vacuuming and cleaning, we also deodorize your space, eliminating any sordid smells. Polishing of wooden articles including furniture, and cleaning and waxing of mirrors and glass surfaces are includes in the package alongside intense cleaning of electronic appliances. We undertake thorough cleaning work for your homes during end of lease, before and after move-in and move-out, and so on.  We cater to small, medium and big scale commercial and office spaces and take up floor, wall and furnishing cleaning jobs. Lifts, common areas and bathrooms are a part of the deal and we perform a superficial cleaning of office equipment such as computer, monitor screens, projectors, vending machines and more. Bathroom cleaning includes de-scaling and polishing steel sanitary-ware too.

Led by a guild of experienced professionals, we at Ivory Cleaning Services ensure that customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We ensure safe and hassle-free cleaning activities using only the best quality products and state-of-the-art equipment. Our clinically tested and approved cleaning products pose zero health hazards. Our customer support is available around the clock, catering to all your requests. Excellent quality at affordable rates has been the motto of Ivory Cleaning Services since its inception.

We have provisions to offer daily, weekly and monthly routine clean-up packages at attractive rates. We are also open to customizing plans as per the needs of the customer.

Whenever you require cost-effective services for end of lease cleaning, office cleaning, or carpet cleaning in Melbourne, just ring us on 0411 094 727 or 0359 024 696.