Four Reasons Why You Need Commercial Office Cleaning in Melbourne

A commercial space does not limit itself to an office; it also includes godowns, warehouses, industries etc. Irrespective of the size of the space, it is bound to accumulate dust and get dirty over time. Though most office and work spaces have a dedicated team that cleans the areas on an everyday basis, this could limit itself to superficial cleaning in several cases. Depending on the extent of dust and particle build, it could lead to health concerns. In the case of warehouses and industries, the chances of particle accumulation is higher. They can pose health risks to the employees and workers. Hence, it becomes imperative to hire a commercial office cleaning service to perform commercial or industrial cleaning.

  • Employee health – Office spaces are filled with people and more people means more dust particles. Over time, this dust levels can result in serious conditions that will hamper your employees’ health. It can reduce their productivity, which will result in the organisation’s performance. Offering your employees a clean and hygienic is the first step to guaranteeing satisfactory results.
  • Air quality – A space is not just taken over by visible dust and dirt. The atmosphere is laden with minute particles and spores which when inhaled over time can lead to bronchial ailments. A professional commercial cleaning service will take necessary steps to cleanse the air, thus providing better air quality at work place.
  • Cost savings – It is better to invest in an industrial cleaning service periodically and maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of your office environment than let the dirt accumulate and affect the health of your employees, which will cost your revenue. Moreover, it is advisable to do an office cleaning frequently than let the stains and squalor rest and become stubborn.
  • Better space – De-cluttering and cleaning offers more space in your office space. Piling up unwanted stuff leads to dust build up which is an eye sore.

Ivory Cleaning Services is a leading home and commercial office cleaning services in Melbourne. They offer their services in Ringwood and Dandenong, and is known for their exceptional quality of work. They attend to all kinds of small, medium and large-scale businesses and industries for the cleaning of their spaces. Over the years, they have collaborated with some of the top-notch firms in Australia and is their official commercial cleaning partner.Ivory Cleaning Services is supported by experienced professionals and most modern equipment, which is guaranteed to deliver optimum results. They take up all kinds of cleaning services such as Domestic Cleaning Service, Commercial Cleaning Service, School Cleaning Service, Industrial Cleaning Service, Healthcare Facility Cleaning Service, Studio Cleaning Service, Gym Cleaning Service, Office Cleaning Service, Construction Site Cleaning Service, Pressure Washing Service etc.

Why do you need high pressure cleaning?

High pressure cleaning is the process of employ water that is released at high pressure to remove dust, grime, mold and other stubborn impurities. This type of cleaning is used mostly during industrial cleaning and other similar spaces or sturdy and rugged nature, which can endure water pumped at them in high pressure. Some of the benefits of high pressure cleaning are as follows.

  • Better Appeal – The high pressure released from the water can eliminate a lot of stubborn stains and blotches, leaving the surface looking better.
  • Longevity – Cleaning periodically can release dirt and grime, extending the life of the floors and surfaces.
  • Saves water – As opposed to normal cleaning practices, high pressure cleaning releases water at a high range of pressure, which means the quantity of water, is lesser than normal cleaning works. This type of cleaning is most efficient for large spaces.
  • Less Effort – Unlike normal cleaning methods, with a high pressure jet, most of the work is done by the water pressure. This means the manual labour involved in minimis

Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne – Why You Have To Choose?

Carpet has become one of the inevitable in all homes, because of the elegance look offered to the room by the carpet people tend to have carpets at their homes. Carpets will be at their best if it cleaned and maintained properly. Ivory Cleaning Services is one of the best commercial carpet cleaning Ringwood offers professional carpet cleaning service in and around the suburbs of Australia with the aid of the latest cleaning equipment.

Dirt and soil are easily absorbed by the carpet fibers and a normal vacuum cleaner cannot take out this absorbed soil completely. Vacuuming can clean the surface dirt but the soil that is in the deeper part of the carpet fibers remains and it causes damage to your carpet.

Why Us?

Carpet cleaning is not an easy as many thinks and professional approaches on cleaning would be the wise to maintain your carpet’s durability. Our Ivory cleaning services Dandenong experts will conduct a deep analysis of your carpet and initiate the cleaning process that suites better for your carpet condition. For cleaning your carpets, we the Ivory cleaning services are one of the best in the market offer the best cleaning service at affordable rates.

Our Process of Carpet Cleaning:

With Ivory Cleaning, you will able to make out the difference of a vacuum cleaned carpet and a professionally cleaned carpet.

  1. Inquiry

Our trained men first visit the place and enquire about certain details like children and animals present in that place which is to ensure safety. The cleaning process of carpet requires vacuum hoses, electric cables, and water so we first ask our customers to be careful of all these things.

  1. Inspection process

We check your carpets for soiling, carpet composition, pre-existing damage, traffic wear, and understand the best way to clean the carpets. Every carpet is different and the cleaning process depends on the place where the carpet laid.

  1. Vacuuming

Our cleaning process is clinical and we use ultra-powerful vacuum cleaners, which are capable of removing the finest soils that may be stuck to the carpet fibers. These vacuum cleaners have cyclone head brushes that remove any hair that may be stuck to the carpet.

  1. Stain removal

We prefer environment-friendly biodegradable detergent sprays for cleaning the carpets and then use a rotary scrubber to agitate detergents in the fibers. This helps in the breakdown of the heavy soil and also the stains and the spots that lay on the carpet.

  1. Moisture Extraction

We one of the best carpet cleaners in Melbourne uses a double-headed vacuum for extracting moisture from carpets. Double-headed Vacuum has good suction and airflow that helps in quick drying. We assure you that no moisture left behind in the carpets.

  1. Grooming

Our professional cleaners use a grooming brush, which used to comb the carpet fibers. This also helps in the further drying of any moisture present.

  1. Future care

Our experts of IVORY cleaners will suggest various tips which needed to maintain the carpets regularly and so we make this process easy for you. Once, the cleaning process is completely done, we add protectants to the carpets that will prevent staining, and soiling largely. It will increase the life span of your carpets and make carpet cleaning an easier process.

  1. Deodorizing

This is the final touch we, the best commercial carpet cleaning St Kilda apply deodorizers to your carpets which gives a good smell so that your floors not just look clean but also smell good and nice.

To know more about us and to book us, feel free to dial our customer care number 0411 094 727.

What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Domestic Carpet Cleaning?

The difference between commercial and residential carpet cleaning can be confusing at the best of times. What’s the difference between office carpet and the carpet you have at home? Shouldn’t they be the same because they are both just carpet? There are small differences between how the carpet is constructed, what sort of wear and tear the carpet goes through, and how the carpet needs to be maintained. All of this means that how commercial carpet is cleaned is different to how residential carpet is cleaned.

Difference In The Carpet Itself

Commercial Carpet Residential Carpet
Harder texture Softer texture
Darker colour Lighter colour
Less cushion More cushion
Weaker noise reduction Stronger noise reduction
Lower susceptibility to wear and tear Higher susceptibility to wear and tear

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Because of the nature of office carpet, the maintenance of the carpet will be significantly more involved than your house carpet. Even though office carpet is more durable and stain resistant, the increase in foot traffic and use means that office carpet will need to be cleaned more often. While residential carpets only need to be vacuumed once a week, office carpets are expected to be vacuumed once a day, or even between shifts if the carpet experiences very high loads.

For a professional cleaning, residential carpet only requires one every year, provided there are no unexpected stains. However, for office carpet, you can expect to need a cleaning once every 6 months, or even once every quarter if the use is especially high.

What Does A Professional Cleaning Company Do For A Carpet That I Can’t Do?

While a vacuum may be able to clear the carpet of surface particles, you will need professional carpet services to clear the carpet of deeper sitting oil, and dirt residue. This is usually done through carpet steam cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

This process involves spraying high pressure hot water into the carpet, and then letting the water bind with the dirt and grime particles. The water is then sucked out taking the dirt with it. This cleaning method leaves the carpet wet for between 12 and 24 hours. To remove oily stains, the carpet is pre-treated with cleaning solvents which breaks down these oily particles which can be dissolved in the steam cleaning process.

Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne CBD

If you are looking for commercial cleaning services in Melbourne CBD and surrounds, call 0411 094 727. Ivory cleaning services has many years of experience working in a commercial setting, cleaning offices, showrooms, car dealerships and buildings. Our technicians are fully trained and insured and use the latest cleaning equipment and industry-tested products.

Places That Need Services for Commercial Cleaning In Melbourne

Even though there are several companies in the market that provide commercial cleaning services, many people are still of the opinion that hiring professionals for cleaning the commercial spaces is just a new fad. But as well-established cleaners in Melbourne, we can confirm the fact that commercial cleaning services are here to stay.

Well, you may be wondering that as we have already covered the importance of both keeping the commercial premises clean and outsourcing the commercial cleaning needs, what’s new in this blog post.

But, wait before you jump to conclusions or close your browser window, as we have made an effort to list down all the commercial places that should approach cleaning companies of good repute for commercial cleaning in Melbourne. While the significance of cleaning services in maintaining tidiness in the offices is continually discussed, the role of cleaning companies for ensuring hygiene in critical places is not given due attention.

Which are those Places?

The owners of some commercial places have to deal with the cleanliness issues in a more responsible and timely manner than others due to the nature of activities conducted, and the types of occupants and visitors in their premises. They should get their property cleaned by skilled and trusted cleaners regularly to prevent the spread of germs which cause diseases.

In many commercial buildings, some cleaning tasks are performed on a periodic basis to make the place look clean and smell fresh, for example, carpet steam cleaning, but the ideal way is to avail comprehensive cleaning services.

Let’s have a look at some spaces which need to hire services for commercial cleaning in Melbourne.

  • Healthcare Facilities

Patients suffering from infectious diseases and other health problems visit general health clinics, dental clinics, skin care clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Therefore, both staff and patients in such buildings are constantly exposed to infectious diseases. Routine cleaning, as well as detailed cleaning once in a while, are a must for healthcare facilities.

  • Child Care Centres

Children are highly susceptible to germs, and so, child care centres should stay extra cautious towards the cleanliness in their premises. Toys and other items which are used by the children should be wiped with a clean cloth, and toilets and bathrooms must be disinfected regularly. They can approach cleaners who specialize in fulfilling the cleaning needs of child care centres in Melbourne.

  • Educational Facilities

Just like child care centres, educational facilities should also be kept spick and span, as the risk of catching germs surrounds students, teachers, and professors all the time. Along with hiring services for carpet cleaning in Dandenong and nearby suburbs during the summer holidays, the administration departments of educational facilities should also get the classrooms, canteens, and furniture cleaned thoroughly.

  • Hotels & Food Joints

Hotels and restaurants should observe high standards of hygiene to avoid the chances of food contamination and subsequent health issues. If beds, cupboards, towels, TV remote controls, and sofas in hotel rooms, and utensils, tables, and chairs in restaurants are not cleaned properly, the staff and customers might get affected by the bacteria and toxic pollutants.

Well, we will cover the remaining commercial spaces in the next blog post. In the end, we will just like to say that commercial cleaning is different from residential cleaning, as most of the times, dust, dirt, and germs can be hidden at the spots you can never imagine. You might have prepared a schedule for cleaning the indoor and outdoor areas of your commercial property, but this is not enough. You should have access to the right tools and cleaning products to achieve the desired results.

We provide a wide range of cleaning services, including commercial cleaning and carpet steam cleaning in Melbourneat competitive prices. We have cleaning products and equipment suitable for all kinds and sizes of cleaning jobs.

Essential Benefits Of Industrial Cleaning Melbourne

The value of cleanliness in our lives cannot be denied. Thus no matter what type of business you are running whether you’re a B2B company with office space or a restaurant welcoming a range of guests, cleanliness should be considered a crucial part of your business.

And to let your business earn ultimately higher profits, the troupe of commercial cleaning Clayton and industrial cleaning Melbourne are all set to join your business achievements by letting you allow the perks of cleanliness by utilizing the methods of high pressure washing, factory window cleaning, maintaining reception areas, steaming carpet, polishing floors and many other required job roles are been undertaken during holidays or even after office hours as well.

Moreover, you don’t want your customers and clients to take business elsewhere – Sounds defeating right? It doesn’t has to be as the industrial cleaning Dandenong skilled workers of Ivory cleaning services Melbourne are one of the best examples you can rely upon for taking your business goals, all to the flourishing level.

To make it more lucid and simple for our readers here are trio good reasons – as in why should any commercial or industrial spaces be kept clean;

  • First Impressions Counts – when a customer or client enters your workplace, always remember they are judging you by the surroundings. If your office is untidy and uninviting, you might be losing business to the competition. As mentioned don’t miss on creating those initial impressions.
  • A Clean Workplace is a Healthy Workplace – As employees are representatives of your business and in order to keep their productivity up to the task, provide a germ-free and uncluttered workplace. Wherein, daily scheduled cleanings is just smart business.
  • Don’t wait until it becomes necessary – keep the premises clean by removing the unseen allergens from the surroundings. If you let dust to accumulate, the cleaning process would become more costly and labor intensive.

The disclosure to this blog can be very simple yet effective as the places where we spend almost half of our day in order to let our commercial and industrial business line soar high- and in same context if we want those profits to remain constant- it is necessary to keep those places clean and proper, and if not, they can be breeding grounds for disease causing molds and allergens, above all there are chances of losing a potential client.

Therefore never miss on keeping your office morale and productivity levels high by employing a commercial cleaning Clayton property manager and industrial cleaning dandedong cleaning partner to sanitize workplace on regular basis.

To receive one of the best cleaning services in town, connect with us today at; 0359 024 696

Why Professionals are required for Office Cleaning in Melbourne?

While it may not be a topic of interest to the people who work from home, maintaining the cleanliness in the office premises surely interests the people who have to come to the office for fulfilling their job responsibilities and also those who own or manage such offices. Whether an employee is a recently appointed intern or a senior manager, they have to spend at least 40-50% of their daily time at their workplace, i.e., office, and therefore, they are bound to get affected by its condition both physically and psychologically.
As a business owner or employer, you must ensure that your workforce has a satisfying and pleasant work environment, which is possible only if the office is clean and organized at all times. But, despite purchasing cleaning supplies & equipment and recruiting cleaning staff, many companies fail to keep their premises clean and hygienic. In such circumstances, you should hire professional cleaning company as they can offer first-class services for office cleaning in Ringwood, Clayton and nearby suburbs.

Benefits of Regular Office Cleaning

The benefits of maintaining a clean workplace are manifold, and so, you must put it at the top of your priority list. While it’s difficult to cover all the benefits of regular and thorough office cleaning in this blog post, we have tried to give you a gist here (We will cover the benefits in detail in one of our future blog posts).

  • Both employers and employees experience a boost in the enthusiasm which leads to an increase in productivity.
  • When employers hire a reputable company for office cleaning in Dandenong, they earn respect from their staff.
  • The indoor air quality gets improved, thereby reducing the sickness absenteeism caused by the lack of cleanliness in the workplace.

Cleaning the office makes identifying and getting rid of unusable items easy and quick. Here, we feel that it’s needless to emphasize on the importance of cleanliness in creating a good impression on existing and prospective clients.

Select Professionals for Office Cleaning in Clayton

The companies providing services for office cleaning can perform the job to the highest standard irrespective of the size or location of the office. We are known for our high-quality and affordable services for office cleaning in Clayton, Ringwood, Dandenong and other regions in Melbourne. We use non-toxic cleaning products and the latest tools for cleaning floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, workstations and restrooms.
Call 0359 024 696 or send a mail to for getting a free quote today!

How to Select the Right Company for Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne?

More often than not the owners or supervisors of the commercial facilities believe that hiring a janitor is enough to fulfill the responsibility of maintaining a safe and hygienic working environment. But, this is a completely wrong approach as intensive cleaning is a must in commercial settings.
You need to entrust the cleaning task to the commercial cleaning companies as they know the ins and outs of keeping the commercial buildings spick and span. However, in haste to select the company, you might make a wrong judgment, which can lead to loss of money as well as reputation in front of the potential clients and other business stakeholders.
Therefore, we have made the process of selecting the right commercial cleaners smooth for you, by providing some useful tips.

Follow these tips for selecting Commercial Cleaning Company

Before you begin your hunt for companies which provide services for commercial cleaning in Dandenong, St Kilda or any other area in Melbourne, make sure to read this blog post.

  • Level of Experience:

A company who has been working for the past several years has experience in carrying out general and detailed cleaning of the various types of commercial places. Their valuable experience comes in handy when you want to hire cleaning services for certain buildings, such as schools, hospitals, etc.

No doubt, a new can be equally reliable and professional. But, if you don’t want to take a chance, go with the experienced company.

  • The Gamut of Services:

Choosing the company that offers a full gamut of services for commercial cleaning is beneficial in saving time and efforts required for dealing with the multiple companies. However, you must not select the company merely by getting impressed with their gamut of services as the fact that whether they specialize in each of them is also important.

  • Customized Solutions:

The commercial cleaners should provide comprehensive and customized cleaning solutions according to your specific needs, which is possible only by paying attention to detail. For example, vinegar can remove dirt, grime and scuff marks from the vinyl floor, but the same vinegar can make the appearance of hardwood floor dull.
They use their knowledge of different cleaning agents, equipment and techniques. Another good example would be to inquire whether any of your employees are allergic to any cleaning product.

  • Trustworthy Staff:

Many people feel reluctant in hiring companies for commercial cleaning in St Kilda and other regions in Melbourne due to the fear of theft of computers and other expensive items. Checking whether the staff members of the cleaning company you are hiring have undergone police verification process can help you in taking the correct decision.

  • Safe Procedures:

The cleaners should make safety as one of their top priorities while cleaning your commercial building as negligence towards safety can have adverse effects on them as well as your employees. They must use chemical-free and high-quality cleaning products and ensure to wear a mask during the cleaning.

If following the tips mentioned above doesn’t turn out to be as helpful as you had expected, you can always read the testimonials and reviews of the past clients of the commercial cleaning company. Providing the services for commercial cleaning in Melbourne for over five years, we have hundreds of satisfied clients who can happily vouch for us. All our staff members have police clearance certificates.
To know how we can make your commercial building stay clean throughout the year speak to us at 0359 024 696 today! Alternatively, you can also send a mail to

Everything you need to know about Professional Cleaning Company Melbourne CBD

Every home is unique and personal while every workplace is a professional setting where we spend most of our time. The gist here is that both of them if kept clean delivers similar benefits i.e. money, time and better health.
But there is order in every chaos! And sometimes it’s just too much to handle the mess built up over time. And this is when you realize that the best option seems to call the professional cleaning company Melbourne CBD as their services come in handy.

professional cleaning services Melbourne CBD
Professional Cleaning Services Melbourne

Professional cleaning services are a boon of modern-day civilization and hiring professional cleaning services Melbourne CBD has its very own unique advantages

• For instance, it becomes difficult to maintain a work-life balance. A very simple example can be parents and young generation both – as parents miss out on their kids growing up, most of the young generation miss out on what life has to offer and all because they are struggling to keep both work and home clean and organized.

  • And the best option to trim your struggle at a major level is hiring the professional cleaners.

• Coming back to cleaning task-After a tedious day at work no one wants to come home to a mess or vice versa no one likes to go office tired and dull after performing the deep cleaning chore at mornings.

  • It pays off to be able to relish a glass of wine or your end of the day in a clean home or start of the day with a cup of Nescafe. Which you can surely be able to enjoy by hiring a professional cleaning services Melbourne CBD to mop, scrub, dust and sweep.

• Lastly, it is time-saving to hire an expert of professional cleaning company Melbourne CBD because a task that takes 20mins for an untrained person it only takes 10 minutes for an experienced professional.

  • How good does it sounds as the time required is effectively cut down by 50%

Disclosure to this blog might just be worth that extra effort if you invest few dollars by hiring the cleaning services Melbourne CBD as they are totally affordable and convenient which leads to a happier, productive, and healthier life overall.

And to make this cleaning chore entirely an effective one tap the professional cleaning company Melbourne CBD at: 0359 024 696

Importance of Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne CBD

Spending a quarter of your time in the office says it all! It’s your home-away-from-home, and thus it’s important to make sure it’s a healthy and comfortable cornerstone, especially when you want your business to soar.
Isn’t that the only reason which deliberates you to keep your office surroundings clean?
It should indeed! And to assist you with all the spick span needs it’s a brilliant idea to utilize your data network and find some cleaning professionals. Well, if you have been redirected to the ivory cleaning service page, you need to pause right away and call the commercial office cleaning service Melbourne CBD and commercial cleaning services Melbourne CBD crew to perform the cleaning job.
As a result, you gain a positive impact on clients and overall it increases productivity, and the good news is they are fully insured!
Surely, everyone reading this blog believes in the first impression so does the writer here, and to help you create those first impressions and aesthetics count, let’s take a quick tour on how important and beneficial it is to keep your offices clean.
• First Impression Counts! Just in case if a client walks in and finds the windows or counters are smudged, the floors are dirty, and there’s an unpleasant smell in the air, they are likely to find your business unprofessional. Don’t fall in the category of such unprofessional impression, but keep them spotless and presentable as a good first impression will keep a client interested.
• Happier employees- They play the chief roles as a part of your business. As your employees are a direct representation of your brand and business and by keeping the work environment clean and maintained they will be productive, efficient and importantly happy.

  • The moral of the story here is: Keeping the workplace is not the sole responsibility of the cleaning staff only, but it’s a collective effort which should be performed by every individual present in the office.
  • Investment Shield!- We all know the efforts and sweat we have put in establishing a business, and undoubtedly it would always be our desire to keep them integrated and protected forever, But on other hands, it’s also true that paying a professional cleaning service to maintain your office is an added expense!
  • Do not be wavered, as the Ivory cleaning service Melbourne team of Commercial cleaning services, Melbourne CBD has the most affordable and convenient price slab to make your office look spotless.

Here’s the conclusion: Rush hours, frequent business meetings and investment deals are things which takes place daily under the hood called commercial business and to keep their growth consistent don’t let poorly maintained office get in the way of your success.
Instead keep your office fixtures, carpets, and reception areas clean by connecting with the Commercial office cleaning services Melbourne CBD, as they are the right people with the right tools for the job.