Why to choose Professional Cleaning over Domestic Cleaning

Everyone does basic house chores every day, and the daily maintenance and cleaning of our homes are necessary. Situations such as moving out, end of lease and post-renovation calls for a high caliber of skills. That’s when professional cleaners come in. Domestic cleaners may know only the basics of cleaning, and not have access to tools and materials needed to complete a cleaning job to a professional level. Whilst, professional cleaners are trained to perform your average cleaning tasks on another level.

Standard of cleaning

Expect a very high standard of cleaning when hiring a professional cleaner. Outsourcing a cleaner can relieve any stresses on yourself, whilst achieving exceptional results. Professional cleaners can achieve both regular and deep cleaning, whether you require a service for long-term or short-term basis. It is important to do your research before you hire your cleaner as there are many on the market. Questions you may want a potential company are…

  • How are rates set? Ask for a general quote and provide a detailed explanation of what you want to be cleaned and the type of room or furnishings.
  • Will you be in the house while cleaning? Are employees background checked?
  • What other areas of expertise does the company have? How long has the business been around? It is important to read up on reviews on the company online, a great place to look is Google Reviews and Gumtree( a great place to find local cleaners within our vicinity)  in Australia.

Equipment and chemicals used

Equipment sourced by professional cleaners may not be available on the commercial marketing, and chemicals and products used are often higher quality. Depending on the cleaner you go with, you may choose to discuss this with the company to ensure your area is being cleaned to its potential.

Have a third party who will work in line with your needs

Cleaning companies are professionals in their field, and hence know what realtors and estate agents like to see! If you’re looking to clean your house for presentation, work with your cleaning company can help you impress landlords. Ivory Cleaning Services offers advice for residential and body corporate cleaning services reporting any lighting and plumbing issues as well as incidences of broken equipment.

Efficiency and peace of mind

Cleaning experts do all the work for you to a high standard, you won’t have to worry about cleaning yourself or bending over backward to achieve the same results. It saves you the time and hassle of cleaning, especially if you are wanting to clean areas or materials that don’t have the effective commercial products. Tough to clean areas such as dirty carpets, tight or hard to reach corners and dirty bathrooms can be easily cleaned with professional products and techniques such as steam cleaning.

Make sure to ask if the company is insured, for that extra peace of mind.

Ivory Cleaning Services offers professional cleaning services for residential and commercial settings. For more information or to get a quote email info@cleaningservicesmelbourne.com.au