Top of the line Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Ivory Cleaning Services has built a great reputation for carpet cleaning in Melbourne. In a time when people are looking to keep their houses clean and germ free we have devised some of the most innovative and effective carpet cleaning methods. It’s no big secret that the carpets in our house contain some of the worst kind of germs that could harm our family.

We guarantee that our service will provide you with the cleanliness that is second to none. Here’s what we do to give you at that top of the line carpet cleaning service-

What We Do

  • Pre-Cleaning Examination: We take good look at the entire carpet area to get proper idea about kind of treatment and cleansing your carpet requires.
  • Vacuum: Our treatment begins with a simple vacuuming so that any foreign object that is stuck in the carpet is taken out. This allows us to focus better on the tougher dirt on the carpet.
  • Stain Removal Treatment: Once we have removed the immediate dirt we apply our custom made cleansing solution on to your carpet. Our cleaning solutions are strong enough to flush out the toughest stains. It also eliminates any trace of bacteria or virus that could have nested within the threads.
  • Rinse-Sanitise-Deodorise: We remove all the traces of our cleaning solution using special products to sanitise and deodorise your carpet. This rinsing technique helps maintain the structure and colour of your carpet threads while leaving it clean and smelling pleasant.
  • Deep Steam Clean: In the final leg of our cleaning operation we have the carpet have some steam run through it. This procedure helps to locking in the cleanse that we have administered and it also leaves your carpet looking fresh. The steaming also helps in reducing the drying time significantly as very less amount of water is used.

How We Do It

  • Special Cleaning Methods: Our team of professionals explores every inch of your carpet in order to strategise a tailor-made cleaning method. Many cleaners try out different methods on various parts of your carpet and offer an uneven cleanse. But we do not work like amateurs. We prefer to pre-determine a cleaning method that can be employed across the length and breadth of the carpet area.
  • Exclusive Cleaning Solutions: We only use environment friendly and chemical-free agents to remove carpet stains. Over the years we have developed cleaning solutions that match our tailor-made cleaning process. This has helped us in proving customised cleaning for different types of carpets. Regardless of the texture and colour, we guarantee that our solutions will clean your carpet without damaging it in any imaginable way.
  • Power Tools for Power Cleaning: We use industry grade heavy-duty cleaning equipments for our operation. We are not just talking about vacuum cleaners here, our chemical dispensers and steam cleaning equipment are all one of a kind and are far superior to the stuff your find in the market.
  • Professional and Experienced Cleaning Crew: Our cleaning crew is not just skilled but they are the most experienced bunch of professionals in Melbourne. The keyword here is experienced. Our crew has not just cleaned carpets across the city but has developed customised methods that can be deigned only with the kind of experience that we have.

So call us now and get your carpets cleaned so that you can have that extra protection for your home and your family. If you live in Ringwood or Kew, call us today at 0411 094 727 to get a free quote and to book an appointment.