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10 Important Tips for Warehouse Cleaning

A warehouse is a place of constant movement – of shipments coming in and going out. There a constant buzz of activity with sorting, labelling, packing, storing and transportation. The warehouses of products like packaged meat or dairy products pose even more unique challenges and require professional warehouse cleaning services. Whether you hire a professional warehouse cleaner in Dandenong or do it yourself, it is important to keep the warehouse clean and provide a safe and hygienic environment to the employees. These are the 10 most important tips that you can follow to keep the warehouse clean:

  1. Create a checklist & schedule: Create a daily and weekly checklist and schedule cleaning of specific areas. It is also useful if every area is allocated to a specific individual or a team and they are entrusted with its cleaning and upkeep.
  2. Clean the bins: One of the most common yet overlooked areas is the bins. Always ensure that the bins are cleared after every few hours to avoid overflowing bins.
  3. Provide cleaning supplies: Always provide cleaning supplies to the staff at the warehouse. Not only should the bins be strategically placed, but all employees should also be made aware of where the cleaning equipment and products are kept. It saves valuable time and also encourages the employees to use them to keep the warehouse clean.
  4. Clean as you go: Most warehouses and commercial establishments follow this policy. This means that every person is expected to clean the surface or place where he has worked or used so that the next person finds it clean. Cleaning is not a single person or department’s job but the duty of every employee working at the warehouse.
  5. Restrict access: You should always restrict access or put barriers within the warehouse. These are no-go areas for anyone except the approved list of employees. This goes a long way in keeping the warehouse clean and safe.
  6. Inventory turning: The inventory should be constantly checked and obsolete products or those that are past their safe use date should be discarded. This exercise should be done every month to ensure that there is no pile-up of obsolete products.
  7. Recycling: Every warehouse, irrespective of the size or scale of operations needs to exercise recycling of products as much as possible to encourage sustainability and environment-friendly practices.
  8. Floor and toilet cleaning: Floors and the toilets of the warehouse should be frequently cleaned. You should use approved industrial-grade cleaning agents and disinfectants to keep the floor and toilet clean and free of any germs, bacteria, grime, or grease that can spread diseases or lead to accidents.
  9. Area labelling: All areas should be clearly labelled or marked. This makes for proper use of space and the storage of specified products or shipments in a pre-designated location. Not only does it make the operations fast, but it also keeps the place clean.
  10. Professional warehouse cleaning service: Always hire a professional and experienced warehouse cleaning service for the cleaning of the warehouse. They come with specialised equipment, chemicals and cleaning agents and can thoroughly clean the warehouse.

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Warehouse Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Complete Guide about Warehouse Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Maintaining organised and clean premises is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses in Melbourne that operate using a warehouse or a factory.

We have curated a guide about warehouse cleaning services. A lot of benefits are associated with warehouse cleaning services.

Increased Productivity

Maintaining a clean and organised work environment will help your staff members easily locate the required supplies and equipment. Often, warehouse employees feel neglected when compared to office going employees. A clean and tidy work environment will indirectly boost their morale and help in increasing productivity. Your employees will feel that they are taken care of when they know that time and money is spent on industrial warehouse cleaners to keep the environment clean and safe.

Comply With Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Safe Work is the authority responsible for providing state-based industrial relations services, public safety, work health and safety. Industries will be inspected to ensure that the public safety, work health, and work safety standards are met. Legal action will be taken against those who breach the law. As a business owner in Melbourne, you need to hire services from a professional industrial cleaning company to ensure that the workspace is safe and clean.

A messy work environment will have a negative impact on your visitors and employees. Hiring industrial warehouse cleaners will minimise these risks and maximise cleaning. Warehouse cleaning services can be tailored according to your needs and schedule. The frequency of the cleaning routine will be determined by your work environment.

Deep Cleaning

Your warehouse floor or equipment will accumulate a lot of dirt and dust over time. All of this should be deep cleaned before it starts affecting your productivity. A warehouse cleaning company will provide you with certified industrial warehouse cleaners who will deep clean your premises without costing you any downtime. Industrial warehouse cleaners will perform industrial floor sweeping, followed by industrial floor scrubbing. They will also do hot water pressure washing followed by vacuum recovery, depending on the condition of your work environment.

Regular Cleaning

A warehouse cleaning company will implement a regular cleaning schedule in between deep cleaning sessions. The frequency of regular cleaning sessions depends on factors like the kind of work you do, the type of environment your equipment needs, and the amount of traffic to your warehouse. Industrial warehouse cleaners will attend your site with warehouse scrubbers, recovery tanks, bunding, and absorbent material to perform all kinds of cleaning without creating an environmental incident.

Ivory Cleaning Services is a premium warehouse cleaning company providing high-quality warehouse cleaning services in Dandenong, St Kilda, and Melbourne. Their team of certified industrial warehouse cleaners provide 100% customer satisfaction along with high-quality cleaning services. Call them on 0411 094 727 / 0359024696 or write to them at info@cleaningservicesmelbourne.com.au for professional warehouse cleaning services at affordable pricing.

Professional House & Industrial Cleaning in Melbourne

Over the years Ivory Cleaning Services has built a reputation in providing the best house cleaning services in Melbourne. Our services are designed to provide the best cleaning and care that you could desire for your home.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Protection for your family – Your home is the first line of defence for your family’s protection and health. But sometimes their health could be at risk because of the pollution that you many encounter within your house.  A professional house cleaner knows what kind of pollutants can reside in a household. Most of the times we tend to ignore certain spaces of our house where dust, dirt, moulds and bacteria can accumulate without any visible signs. An experienced professional house cleaner knows where exactly this unseen dirt accumulates and how to clean it. Since most of the time these spaces are ignored, the dirt that gathers in these areas are tough to clean and that is where getting professional help comes in handy.

Deep Clean for Bathrooms and Kitchen – Certain spaces in your home needs regular and thorough cleaning. Bathrooms and Kitchens top that list given the fact that they tend to be the areas in your home that is exposed to most amount of filth on a daily basis. Many think that a simple wiping and mopping routine with your basic household cleaners will take care of the hygiene in your bathrooms and kitchens, but this is far from the truth. A professional house cleaning service with its range of cleaning products and equipments will ensure that your bathrooms and kitchens get the right treatment. The professional cleaners at Ivory Cleaning Services not just leave your kitchens and bathrooms tidy, but we go a step beyond and give you that deep clean it requires

Reduce Stress and Save Time – Cleaning you home is no simple feat, especially when you want to get it done properly. A professional cleaning service like Ivory Cleaning Services can provide you with a team of experts who will clean your home in the stipulated period of time as per your choice and leave you with time at your disposal that you can devote to other matters.

Professional Industrial Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Ivory Cleaning Services in Melbourne has been known to provide the best and the most professional industrial cleaning services. Here are a few benefits of hiring our services:

Hygienic  Work Environment – A clean and healthy workspace is a productive workspace. Professional office space or an industrial area like a warehouse can become dirty and contaminated. This usually happens because of filth that is dragged in from the outside. In fact poor cleanliness practices often contribute to poor hygiene in a work place. To tackle this you need the help of a professional industrial cleaning service to ensure that your work space is clean and decontaminated.

Customised Cleaning – No two work places are the same. Every work space has a different dynamic, setup and structure. Most cleaning services do not recognise this and end up providing you with a cleaning routine that does not suit your requirements. At Ivory Cleaning Services we take into consideration the needs of your workspace and design a cleaning routine that offers you the best solution.

Proper Tools and Experience – Every work space, whether it is an office or an industrial area, needs a different style of care. A professional cleaning service like Ivory Cleaning Services has the equipment and tools to provide quality cleaning. Our team of cleaners have the experience of working in different office and industrial areas, and are very well aware of how to treat the expensive machines, gadgets and other office accessories.

Professional Contract – Before we commence our cleaning operations we ensure that a proper contract is drawn up. We make sure that you are made aware of all the costs that you will have to bear when you sign up with us. This not just allows us to do our job but it also helps you deal with your expenses.

So if you are looking for house or industrial cleaning professionals in Melbourne then get in touch with us at -info@cleaningservicesmelbourne.com.au.  You can also contact us at 0359 024 696 or visit our website at -www.cleaningservicesmelbourne.com.au

Neat & Clean Look with Professional Industrial Cleaning Melbourne

If you own an industrial business, then you have to be aware of the fact of having neat and clean premise would be great for you to bring peace in the industry. Cleanliness in the premises will make you and your workforce to feel more positive and it will result in more productivity in the end. So if you want to have neat and clean premises, then choosing professional and efficient Industrial Cleaning Melbourne would be a great decision for you.  When you hire qualified and skilled experts for your cleaning requirements, you will have the assurance of having neatly clean and secure environment for you and your workers along with the visitors.

Why You should Rely On Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne For Efficient Cleaning Services ?

It is the known fact that several systems like heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems build up a layer of debris consisting of dust and other materials inside the ducts. And it is very harmful to the workers who are working in that industrial premises so it is very important to have thorough cleaning. So if you are looking to have the Professional Cleaning Services Melbourne CBD, then choosing Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne would be great for you as we are renowned service provider for residential and commercial cleaning throughout Melbourne. We have fully trained, experienced and proficient staff who ensure to have perfect cleaning as per your requirements.

At Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne, we have a team of qualified and experienced cleaners who provide you the most efficient and reliable cleaning services in accordance with your variegated demands. We have been offering our cleaning services for all types industrial buildings whether it will be a mill, factory, refinery, warehouse or workshops. When you choose us for your cleaning requirements, you will have the facility to have the customized cleaning service as per the cleaning budget that you have decided. Our professionals utilize the latest equipment and materials and provide you the satisfactory results with neat and clean premises. We can ensure you that after the completion of the cleaning work you will be amazed by having a cleaner premises than ever before.

Get 100% Satisfying And Cost-Effective Industrial Cleaning Services Melbourne

If you choose us for hassle-free and cost-effective Cleaning Services St Kilda, then we can ensure you to have the perfect cleaning for all the areas of your industrial building. We have expertise and thorough knowledge for providing superior quality cleaning services that include

  • Efficient Window Cleaning
  • Internal and External Wall Cleaning
  • Qualitative Floor Cleaning
  • Thorough Machinery Clean up
  • Car Park Degreasing and clean up
  • Waste and garbage removal
  • Cleaning of kitchen, toilets and office areas
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

At Ivory Cleaning Services Melbourne, our trained and expert cleaners know that an industrial premises require extra care because there will heavy machinery and hazardous equipment. So our crew of professionals give the fully guarantee for the safety of the workers and deliver the secure and most efficient industrial cleaning with 100% customer satisfaction. Along with this, we have been providing daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services at the most affordable and industry leading prices.

So if you require to have the most efficient, cost-effective and budget-friendly Industrial Cleaning Melbourne, then feel free to contact us on 0411 094 727 or 0359 024 696.