Professional House & Industrial Cleaning in Melbourne

Over the years Ivory Cleaning Services has built a reputation in providing the best house cleaning services in Melbourne. Our services are designed to provide the best cleaning and care that you could desire for your home.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Protection for your family – Your home is the first line of defence for your family’s protection and health. But sometimes their health could be at risk because of the pollution that you many encounter within your house.  A professional house cleaner knows what kind of pollutants can reside in a household. Most of the times we tend to ignore certain spaces of our house where dust, dirt, moulds and bacteria can accumulate without any visible signs. An experienced professional house cleaner knows where exactly this unseen dirt accumulates and how to clean it. Since most of the time these spaces are ignored, the dirt that gathers in these areas are tough to clean and that is where getting professional help comes in handy.

Deep Clean for Bathrooms and Kitchen – Certain spaces in your home needs regular and thorough cleaning. Bathrooms and Kitchens top that list given the fact that they tend to be the areas in your home that is exposed to most amount of filth on a daily basis. Many think that a simple wiping and mopping routine with your basic household cleaners will take care of the hygiene in your bathrooms and kitchens, but this is far from the truth. A professional house cleaning service with its range of cleaning products and equipments will ensure that your bathrooms and kitchens get the right treatment. The professional cleaners at Ivory Cleaning Services not just leave your kitchens and bathrooms tidy, but we go a step beyond and give you that deep clean it requires

Reduce Stress and Save Time – Cleaning you home is no simple feat, especially when you want to get it done properly. A professional cleaning service like Ivory Cleaning Services can provide you with a team of experts who will clean your home in the stipulated period of time as per your choice and leave you with time at your disposal that you can devote to other matters.

Professional Industrial Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Ivory Cleaning Services in Melbourne has been known to provide the best and the most professional industrial cleaning services. Here are a few benefits of hiring our services:

Hygienic  Work Environment – A clean and healthy workspace is a productive workspace. Professional office space or an industrial area like a warehouse can become dirty and contaminated. This usually happens because of filth that is dragged in from the outside. In fact poor cleanliness practices often contribute to poor hygiene in a work place. To tackle this you need the help of a professional industrial cleaning service to ensure that your work space is clean and decontaminated.

Customised Cleaning – No two work places are the same. Every work space has a different dynamic, setup and structure. Most cleaning services do not recognise this and end up providing you with a cleaning routine that does not suit your requirements. At Ivory Cleaning Services we take into consideration the needs of your workspace and design a cleaning routine that offers you the best solution.

Proper Tools and Experience – Every work space, whether it is an office or an industrial area, needs a different style of care. A professional cleaning service like Ivory Cleaning Services has the equipment and tools to provide quality cleaning. Our team of cleaners have the experience of working in different office and industrial areas, and are very well aware of how to treat the expensive machines, gadgets and other office accessories.

Professional Contract – Before we commence our cleaning operations we ensure that a proper contract is drawn up. We make sure that you are made aware of all the costs that you will have to bear when you sign up with us. This not just allows us to do our job but it also helps you deal with your expenses.

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